Super-Collector Roll Call

January 13th, 2014

We posed the following question via @SportsCardAlbum on Twitter:

The reason for our question is still a secret, but the responses were off the hook…

Which leads us to another question…how many cards does one need to have in their collection for them to be considered a “Super” Collector for that particular player or team? 25? 50? 100? 300? 1,000?

Should we allow anybody to call themselves a “SuperCollector” or should we reserve that title for the people that truly devote themselves to collecting a specific player or team?

Hook us up with your thoughts in the comments below…your responses will help with an upcoming feature in SportsCardAlbum.

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4 Comments on “Super-Collector Roll Call”

  1. I think the whole “Super Collector” thing is stupid. I have an autographed Ryan Swope card doest that make me a “Super Collector” of his?
    Is the girl who pulled the Babe Ruth auto from Topps a “Super Collector”?
    Anyone can put together an Egnew or Jevorski Lane collection….theres nothing “Super” about it though

  2. Re: Trevor

    Thanks for your response, Trevor. I agree simple things like that don’t make anyone a SuperCollector…but how about the guy who has over 1,000 unique cards of one player? Or the guy who will trade high-end cards of players like Andrew Luck for rare (but really not valuable) cards of the one player they collect? I’ve seen examples of both and I promise you that those two collectors deserved the title “Super” in front of their collections.

  3. I PC Patrick Willis. I have over 75 different auto cards and 100+ jersey/relic cards. Plus countless base cards. I consider myself a Willis “Super Collector”.

  4. Lambeau-Legend4

    I collect Favre. I have over 700 different Favre’s (base,inserts,parallels), 21 autos (4 are bgs), all but one of his TRUE rc’s graded BGS 9.5 w/ALL 9.5 subs on each one. I have 12-15 Starting Lineup figures, 6 McFarlanes, 4 Favre pennants, over 200 gu cards none of which feature a plain white swatch. All are either solid yellow, solid green or multicolored. And consist of everything from a practice jersey, gu jersey, patch, pants, shoes, helmet, facemask, field, seat pylon, ball & lace. Plus hundreds of other items with Favre’s likeness inc shirts, hats, pencils, watches, bling, binders, notebooks, folders, card tins, card wrappers, magazines, video game boxes, magazine articles, posters, art work, 8×10’s, beanie babies, various die-cast vehicles, cups, mugs, footballs, plaques, etc etc etc. And Iwent to see a game in Lambeau to see Favre break the record for most All-Time starts by a QB, then met Favre, got some pics taken, got an auto, met Favre’s late father, Irv. Got pics with him & his auto. Then got to walk out ONTO legendary Lambeau Field. I eat, sleep & breathe Brett Favre. If it’s Favre & I don’t have it…… I WANT IT!!

    How’s that sound Sergio? LOL!

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