Showing Off the New EMBED Tool

August 29th, 2013

AMAZING!!! This is my favorite new feature in Sports Card Album’s illustrious month-and-a-half lifespan. Here is a small list of things you can do with this new tool:

Forum Goers:

  • If your forum allows it, you can embed your album into your signature so that people can look through your cards without leaving the thread! The advantage for the forum owner is that you never have to leave their site to go to a third party website! Advantage for you is being awesome and showing off your collection easier.
  • Want to trade some cards? Embed your entire album into a new thread so everyone can see your cards without leaving the thread!

Blogger/Website Owners:

  • Show off your collection or your biggest pulls on YOUR OWN website by embedding any folder of your album into the body of your site or even the sidebar! The background of your embedded album can even be set to transparent so it doesn’t take away from the aesthetics from your site. Plus, it won’t take up any bandwidth from your site!


  • Create exclusive albums of your newest products, preview galleries of upcoming products, or showoff pics of redemptions you’ve received before you mail them out! Collectors see your feed update live whenever you add cards or albums. This way you only have to keep your cards in ONE place. Writing a blog post about a new product? Embed JUST the album for that new product.

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