2011 Leaf Ultimate Draft Box Break Review

June 1st, 2011

I was quite surprised by how nice Leaf Metal looked when it launched a couple of months ago. We sports-card collectors are not used to seeing quality, on-card autographs or refractor parallels this early in the year. Somehow Leaf was able to make a great looking product without any NCAA or NFL licenses and they were able to launch it before the NFL Draft.

I missed the boat on Leaf Metal, but as soon as I saw preview images of Leaf Ultimate Draft I knew I had to order a box. Supposedly the thickest die-cut cards in history, each four-card box includes two standard autographs and two die-cut autographs (all pre-sleeved and inserted in top-loaders.) I scored big with my very first card…watch the video above and let me know how you think I did!

Only four cards per box…but the presentation sure is nice!

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7 Comments on “2011 Leaf Ultimate Draft Box Break Review”

  1. samiamryan

    Ive seen these on Ebay and thought they looked cheap. Seeing how thick the card is, Im pretty impressed with the product. Not a bad break either!

    Thanks again Sensei!!

  2. Re: samiamryan

    Thanks buddy! Believe me, they do NOT look or feel cheap. Not sure how well they’ll maintain value when other licensed products come out, but I really liked these.

  3. Michael Simmons

    Wish that they had the logos of the colleges on it without them it looks plain and cheap

  4. Michael Simmons

    the helmet autos do look cool though

  5. Really like the look of these cards and the thickness helps a ton! I’m glad to see the autos are all on-card and not stickers. Finally!

    Think you did pretty well with your hits there Sergio! The Purple /5 is a nice addition!!

  6. Re: RW34

    Thanks, RW! I did get a nice box…unfortunately I needed some PayPal pretty quick so I had to sell the Williams. Got $75 for it, though, so it worked out well.

  7. I do love the diecuts but I absolutely hate how all the license things have went the past couple years.I know everybody has to make their buck,but it is just punching the hobby in the face.
    Congrats on the Williams…too bad you had to part with it before you got to see him play.

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