LCS Road Trip: Sports Cards Plus San Antonio

March 31st, 2011

Woo hoo! I found a card shop in San Antonio!!

And not just any card shop, I found one of the luckiest card shops in existence. Don’t believe me? Visit the Sports Cards Plus website and see for yourself. In fact it almost frustrates me to visit the website every day because I am always thinking to myself “THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!!!” Sadly, I always seem to fall one pack short :-(

But enough about the Sports Cards Plus MOJO (sorry, Gelman,) the card shop itself is fantastic. Anyone who loves historic baseball memorabilia, vintage cards, Presidential autographs, or Babe Ruth autographed baseballs will feel like a kid in a candy store…see pics below:

And for people like me, who could never afford to purchase any of those items, they also have a boat-load of sports cards :-) In fact, not only do they have every current product available, Sports Cards Plus also has a ton of hobby boxes and packs that you just can’t find anywhere else. If you’ve ever dreamt of pulling a Peyton Manning rookie card from 1998 SP Authentic or Topps Chrome, you can rip the 13 year-old wax right here. I bought a handful of 1998 Bowman Chrome packs and got zilch, but it sure was exhilarating! (I am easily amused.)

To top it all off, the LCS owner, Charlie Dipietro, is a class act all the way and a huge advocate of the sports card industry. In fact he was asked to be a moderator at the recent Industry Summit in Las Vegas. A couple other things that make this card shop unique are the contests and the in-shop BGS slabbing. Charlie runs multiple contests every quarter and the prizes are stellar. Moreover, Beckett Grading Services visits the shop several times per year to offer in-store grading. You can even bring in cards that have already been graded and are still in their slab and BGS will re-grade them for you! I’m going to do this with a couple of my high-end cards that are 0.5 away from being gold-slabbed!

Enough of my rambling. If you ever get a chance to visit San Antonio, be sure to visit the Alamo. Leave your family there. Then head up the road to Sports Cards Plus and pull yourself some mega moooojoo. Tell Charlie I said “Hi.”

By the way, did I mention Charlie has his own Personal Collection of vintage cards that are available for the right offer? Yeah, it’s amazing. Next time you’re in the neighborhood ask him to show it to you…it boggles the mind. Here is just a TINY glimpse into his BGS-Slabbed-Vintage PC:

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4 Comments on “LCS Road Trip: Sports Cards Plus San Antonio”

  1. Jerry Halloran

    Imagine if every card shop was like this i don’t think any one would ever want to leave the hobby. Wish i live near that shop because that shop looks amazing.

  2. Re: Jerry Halloran

    Thanks for the comment, Jerry. And I completely agree with you…Sports Cards Plus is a fantastic card shop (and so much more)!

  3. allformykids

    Wow nice shop!!!! I wish the hobby didn’t go down the road it did, I miss my LCS here in Illinois the only one nearby is way over priced and the best thing is they don’t care.

  4. that shop looks good I cant wait to to in and spend some money

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