BP / SCA Interviewed on SportsCardLive

January 15th, 2014

I was invited to join a popular sports-card radio show last night hosted by Doug and Dan from Mojo Break and Ryan from Sports Card Radio. I’ve listened to the show before and really enjoy the straight-up sports-card conversation. Which players stand to increase most in value during this weekend’s Conference Championship games? Which cards should we be selling now? What are the right and wrong ways of doing buy-back products? Every week the guys discuss interesting and relevant topics within the card-collecting world.

If you’re working at your computer today or just have a little bit of free time, I encourage you to give it a listen. Great information and some insider info about the upcoming Sports Card Album iPhone app ;-)

I encourage you to listen to the entire thing…it’s very entertaining. But my portion began at around the 30-minute-mark. Really appreciate the comments the guys made after I left. Just listened to those this morning and I am humbled by their compliments.

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4 Comments on “BP / SCA Interviewed on SportsCardLive”

  1. Sergio,
    I will check it out. They picked the right guy to interview.

  2. Re: Charlie DiPietro

    Thanks so much, Charlie!

  3. Cool man, thanks for sharing. I am enjoying the SCA site. Have so many cards to add though…

  4. Thanks, James!

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