BCW Sorting Tray Box Break

December 17th, 2013

While I was at the National Convention in Chicago I got to meet with Ted Litvan from BCW Supplies. Dude is awesome…he is passionate about the hobby and is the main reason we’ve been seeing a lot more of the BCW logo the last few months. I noticed this sorting tray at one of the booths and immediately tweeted out a picture of it. Before I could even find Ted to discuss this product, he had already emailed me saying that he would donate a couple as giveaways if I wanted to.

I wanted to.

So last week we ran a giveaway via Twitter and another via YouTube. Contest winners were already selected and have been notified, but you can still enjoy the “BCW Sorting Tray” by either purchasing it at your local card shop or by purchasing it online at http://www.BCWsupplies.com Use “Busting” as your coupon code to save 10%.

The Twitter contest asked collectors to tweet us pictures of how they organize (or don’t organize) their collections. The pictures were extraordinary, but apparently I was unaware that Twitter basically deletes all your old tweets within one week…so all those gorgeous twitter pics are gone. One thing was clear, though: collectors have a MESS on their hands when it comes to sorting base cards. Decided to run a secondary contest on Twitter to get some more pics…take a look at the gallery below. In the two weeks since I’ve had my tray I have used it pretty much every day and during each of my box breaks. Now I just need someone to make one of these that can fit magnetic one-touches! lol

BCW Sorting Tray

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