Leon Sandcastle to Appear in Score, Prestige, Bowman

April 30th, 2013

About ten minutes after the very first Super Bowl commercial aired, Busting Packs tweeted Leon Sandcastle’s first GU RC on Twitter. It was re-tweeted hundreds of times to tens of thousands of football fans, thanks in large part to @NFLRT who took my image and re-tweeted it themselves to their 30k followers.

The following day, Busting Packs posted an article featuring Leon Sandcastle’s first rookie cards from Contenders, Chrome, and Prestige, along with the commercial that started it all. Click HERE to visit that article. Last week, Panini announced their intention to print the very first Leon Sandcastle rookie cards in 2013 Score Football, and the first Sandcastle autograph cards in 2013 Prestige. Earlier this week, Topps announced their intention to feature a Leon Sandcastle card in 2013 Bowman Football.

So in summation:

    1. BustingPacks tweets first image of Sandcastle cards
    2. BustingPacks predicts Panini will come out with first Sandcastle card
    3. BustingPacks predicts Topps will soon follow with their Sandcastle card
    4. BustingPacks predicts Prestige will have awesome Sandcastle cards

Obviously, the details from that article were completely wrong since–like the cards themselves–they were totally made up. But we don’t mind if you still call us “Nostradamus.” Now that we’re done patting ourselves on the back, here are the first OFFICIAL rookie cards as published by Panini and Topps.

2013 Score Leon Sandcastle RC

2013 Score Leon Sandcastle RC


2013 Bowman Leon Sandcastle RC

2013 Bowman Leon Sandcastle RC

UPDATE: Topps Football Card Designer extraordinaire recently released another Sandcastle image via Twitter…


We are especially excited for the 89 Score remake and the Prestige autographs. The Bowman card looks awesome because it’s got an action-shot…or at least a “kind-of” action shot. Since you are all gluttons for imagery, I’ll leave you with my original Sandcastle RC mock-ups from SuperBowl weekend.

Leon Sandcastle 2013 Panini Prestige

Leon Sandcastle 2012 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor Autograph

Leon Sandcastle 2012 Panini Contenders Inscription Auto SP

And the commercial that started it all…

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  1. allformykids

    This probably one of the best articles i have read, to have one of his cards would be awesome…by the way do you think he can make the Jets roster this year??????

  2. Re: allformykids

    I think your youngest kid could make the jets roster this year. And start.

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