2013 Rookies & Stars Box Break Review

August 23rd, 2013

This Manti Te’o patch is crazy-nice in person. The scan really doesn’t do it justice, but if you watch the box break video you’ll see what I’m talking about. I was pretty dang stoked to pull this bad boy.

Manti Te’o Prime Patch 4/10

Jersey auto is nice…jersey swatch cut vertically into the side of the horizontal design. Full player pic with nice action photography, fading into a white so that the sticker auto can pop. Doesn’t look as elegant as last year’s design, but it’s probably more in line with true R&S tradition: bold colors and action-oriented fonts and graphics.

Tyler Eifert Jersey Auto

I was very happy to see that the non-auto cards are different than the autographed ones. These are some of the rare jersey cards that actually look normal without an autograph on them. I hate it when a company makes a jersey card and a jersey auto card identical so the jersey card looks like it is empty and missing the autograph…not the case here. Panini added the gradient to the auto cards and left the non-autod cards alone.

Justin Hunter Jersey Card

This was my second best hit in the box. Love the red Crusade RC and was excited to see it numbered to 99. I think Tavon Austin will be a superstar in the NFL.

Tavon Austin Red Crusdae RC /99

Un-numbered rookie auto of an Alabama offensive tackle.

DJ Fluker Auto

Nice Crusade RC of the first QB taken in the 2013 draft: EJ Manuel.

EJ Manuel Crusade RC

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4 Comments on “2013 Rookies & Stars Box Break Review”

  1. Great Te’o Serg!!!

  2. Thanks RW!!! Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Was watching at dinner when you pulled the Te’o. My daughters both said “umm, are you watching a kid friendly show?” Yes, he said ‘oh snap’. :)

  4. Sergio,
    I always enjoy your box breaks, best in the hobby.

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