2012 Topps Valor Box Break Review

April 16th, 2013

Topps comes out swinging for the fences with another new product. Topps Valor features a stylish, gritty, Gladiator-feel that encompasses everything from the card designs to the parallels and even to the packaging. Topps promised three (3) autographs per box, including two rookie on-card autographs and one veteran autograph.

2012 Topps Valor RG3 Patch Auto

2012 Topps Valor RG3 Patch Auto

The great news is that big hits like the rookie patch autos sell for big money, especially the low numbered parallel RPAs like the Russell Wilson 1/1 pictured below. The bad news is that while most products (like SPA) guarantee a rookie patch auto (RPA) in each box, Valor only promised one per CASE. Yes, that makes cards like these more valuable, but it makes the boxes a risky proposition at over $180 per box.

2012 Topps Valor Russell Wilson Patch Auto One of One

2012 Topps Valor Russell Wilson Patch Auto One of One

Topps Valor was promoted heavily by Topps in the weeks leading up to its launch. The presentation, packaging, card design, and on-card autos made this a favorite among collectors, but the steep price tag made for some rough case-breaks if you didn’t pull a huge hit. I think this would be a “Product of the Year” candidate if it was priced in the $100 range. Unfortunately its hefty box price (for just 6 cards and no guaranteed RPA) takes it out of the running. The card designs will certainly be nominated for a bunch of categories, though, as they are remarkable. I will definitely be picking up a lot of singles.

Topps Valor Jackpot Gallery

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2 Comments on “2012 Topps Valor Box Break Review”

  1. They are some really good looking cards/

  2. couple things….1. Topps did a great job marketing this product, from very early on. how well sales are at that price point is yet to be seen, but they def generated alot of interest.

    2. to me…..Valor is basically INCEPTION with color. which is a good thing. I like INCEPTION without the chipping of course, but really like these too.

    3. ON CARD autos, that’s not easy but as a result we have the long list of redemptions in this product. that is the trade off.

    conclusion: Good Job TOPPS….anxious to see how next years VALOR evolves and improves.

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