2012 Topps Finest Review

October 10th, 2012

This product grows more popular each year. Maybe it’s because of the exciting 2012 rookie class or maybe it’s because Finest includes so many different parallels and inserts, but it seems like this year collectors were even more desperate than usual to bust open some Topps Finest mini-boxes. The on-card autographs look better than ever, especially on the colored parallels and die-cut insert cards. Odds of pulling an amazing card are as slim as ever since the superstar rookies having much lower print-runs than the other rookies,  but that won’t stop collectors from chasing the superfractors!!!

Each Master Box Contains:
—- 1 Numbered Rookie Autographed Patch Card
—- 1 Numbered Autographed Jumbo Relic Card
—- 2 Atomic Die-Cut Refractor Rookie Cards
—- 2 Finest Moments Insert Cards

Configuration: 2 mini-boxes per box. 6 packs per mini-box. 5 cards per pack. (12 total packs per master box)

Collation Issues:

Terrible Collation…one Blowout member participated in a TEN CASE group break and posted the results here. Not a single RGIII or Andrew Luck hit. That’s 80 boxes. EIGHTY. On the other hand, I’ve heard from many collectors who pulled multiple RGIII autos in the same case. I guess you never know…

My Box:


Some beautiful card designs in this set, particularly if you’re a fan of inserts. The superfractors, multi-layer patch autos, atomic die-cut autos, and “Lucky Cuts” autos are especially breathtaking, but there are just tons of inserts in this product that add value for the collector. Parallel color variations for the base cards, patch autos, and jersey autos. Pulsar “Finest Moments” refractor autos, booklet multi-player autos, and printing plates. It’s because of all these potentially awesome chase cards that I end up purchasing a box of this product every year, even though I’ve never had much luck.

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  1. Brutal Box….better luck next time.

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