Topps Strata Launch Gallery

December 19th, 2012

(my thoughts and a few links after the gallery)

Directly from Topps:

The highly anticipated release of one freshest and most innovative products released by Topps ever is finally here!  Topps Strata Football hits the streets this Friday, just in time for the Holidays and the heat of the NFL Regular season!  Topps Strata Football will include the hottest  2013 Rookie autographs, relics and unique die cut cards that should be a must have for any collection, but also include some of the most unique collectible cards to hit market ever!   Here is just the beginning of what Strata has to offer..


Relics, Relics and more Relics!  Strata Football features extraordinary Rookie Relic Cards of  top performing rookies such as Andrew Luck, Doug Martin, Russell Wilson and Nick Foles on beautifully designed cards in various parallels such as Gold, Blue, Green, Red and Platinum!


Strata Rookie Die Cut cards featuring  Autograph parallel cards!   These perimeter die cut cards shaped in the spirit of the NFL shield will feature both insert and autograph versions of the most collectible rookies such as Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Justin Blackmon, Kendall Wright and more!


Multiplayer Autograph Cards!   Look for top choice rookies paired up on Dual and Quad Autograph Cards! We’re talking BIG TIME combos, like Andrew Luck and RGIII, as well as, the top pick skill positions of 2013 NFL Draft – Luck , Griffin, Richardson and Blackmon – all on one card!!

My Thoughts

Holy cow. The “Clear Cut” memorabilia/acetate/autograph cards look incredible. Truly the most innovative new card design I’ve seen in years. The best news is that Topps guarantees you will hit one of these in each hobby box. I am not sure what the numbering will look like on these, nor am I sure of how many of these will include prime swatches versus single colored swatches, but they look stunning. This product isn’t supposed to hit hobby-shop shelves until Friday, December 21, but several people have already gotten their hands on the retail version. Here are a few links so you can see for yourself what the retail box breaks look like…


Beckett froze on me after copying that last link, but there are more and more blaster breaks popping up so if you’re interested in seeing more, here is a link to the box break forum: And keep your eyes peeled for the hobby version which will be available in just two days. Can’t wait to see what the cards pictured above go for on eBay


A few more pics, fresh from Topps’ Twitter feed:

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  1. allformykids

    Omg, those are sick, the patches are amazing I will definitely pick a few boxes up.

  2. Man….I do love those clear cuts.

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