2013 Topps Inception Images Leaked via Twitter

May 2nd, 2013

If you are on Twitter and you collect football cards, I recommend you begin following Jeff Zachowski immediately. He is the Art Director for Topps and the past few days he has been releasing drool-inducing preview pics of some of the hobby’s favorite products, like Inception and Chrome. I’ll leave you with the juicy images below…click any of the images to see the super-sized version within Jeff’s tweets.

Assuming they fix the chippiness of last year’s product (which I think they’ve taken care of given the quality of Five Star and Valor) this set is going to be sexy. Base design makes me very happy.

And there were a few additional, somewhat cryptic tweets that we don’t know much about…new product perhaps? Cool logo…

And this one straight out of Bio-Shock:

Valor is Gladiator-style, this is industrial/aquatic/rustic. Definitely looks like it’s setup for a piece of memorabilia in the circle, but I’m guessing it’s for a new product. 2011 they introduced Inception to great success. 2012 they introduced Valor to similar acclaim. Perhaps 2013 they follow the recipe with a new (similar concept) product?

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4 Comments on “2013 Topps Inception Images Leaked via Twitter”

  1. Phillip Bradley Hughes

    oooooooooooooh, maybe that last one is a new VALOR design? the guy has my dream job. very jealous and already following him and very impressed with these so far.

  2. Re: Phil Hughes

    I responded to you via an extra paragraph at the end of the post :)

  3. allformykids

    We like the design, not sure the release date but the boys will get a box or 2.

  4. how do you do the jersey in photoshop??

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