2013 Leaf Metal Draft Football Preview

February 21st, 2013

I like cards with licenses. I love college football, so I’ve always enjoyed the collegiate-licensed products from Sage, Press Pass, and Leaf. Once they all lost the NCAA license to Upper Deck, I stopped buying all of them. That is, until Leaf came out with 2011 Leaf Ultimate. The sell sheet showed off super thick card-stock, slick designs, on-card autographs, and colored parallels with low print-runs. I love all those things, so I had to buy a box. It ended up being so enjoyable that in 2012 I decided to buy two boxes of Leaf Metal Draft, obviously hoping for an RGIII. Although I did not pull an RGIII, I enjoyed my boxes immensely. Nothing about [hobby] Leaf Metal looks or feels cheap, despite the lack of logos. I liked the product so much, I put together the entire rainbow of my favorite Baylor running back ever, Terrance Ganaway. I ended up grading them and received BGS 9.5/10 on every card in the rainbow (didn’t grade the printing plates.) That’s another thing about Leaf Metal: the cards are cut nicely and grade well.

Bottom line: I enjoy these products and am looking forward to the improvements Leaf is bringing for 2013. Although this is the least interesting draft class in recent memory, Leaf is promoting a super big (?) chase card, five on-card autos per box, and a focus on skill positions. Will the 2013 product sell out like the 2012 one did? Not sure. But it’s obvious Leaf is bringing their “A” game to the “D-List” party that is the 2013 draft class.


2013 Leaf Metal Draft Football Release Date: March 14, 2013 UPDATED Release Date: February 27, 2013
Each Box Contains: Five (5) on-card autographs
Total Cards per Box: Five (5)
Boxes per Case: Twelve (12)

Early March 2013 marks the return of one of last year’s hottest football releases, Leaf Metal Draft Football. Within weeks of last year’s release, the product was sold out across the nation and is highly coveted by collectors everywhere. 2013 Leaf Metal Draft Football not only features the most exciting draft picks of 2013, but it does so with a heavy focus on skill position players!!

Look for:

  • ALL ON-CARD AUTOGRAPHS of most of this year’s most exciting draft picks…
  • Heavy focus on skill position players. These players are the best sellers (and where most sleepers are found) and Leaf provides the highest percentage of skill position players of any company in the industry!
  • LEAF METAL US ARMY autographs will provide fans and investors alike a chance to buy cards of tomorrow’s stars today (past Army participants include: Adrian Peterson, Tim Tebow, Reggie Bush, Vince Young, AJ McCarron, CJ Spiller, DeAnthony Thomas, Aaron Murray, Teddy Bridgewater, Marcus Lattimore, TJ Yeldon and many more)…

PLUS, THE BIGGEST SURPRISE IN DRAFT FOOTBALL HISTORY.. A CARD TOO BIG TO PICTURE…Look for these redemptions in packs. This card is sure to be one of the most talked about and exciting cards of the 21st century!

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