2012 Topps Valor Preview

September 21st, 2012

Straight out of Sparta...click for super-sized image

Topps has been hinting at a new product for weeks now through a viral marketing campaign on Twitter. I’d link to the campaign but the account was disabled and replaced with a new Twitter account shortly thereafter: https://twitter.com/Topps_Valor_FB. Frankly, I am in love with the previews. Many of you know I’m a sucker for good packaging, so the bronze-shield design is immediately a turn on. But what really gets me excited is the card design and on-card autographs. To me, this product looks like a gladiator-styled Inception. Assuming Valor doesn’t haven any chipping issues, this product could be a home-run in terms of design. Big player pictures, giant signing area, and an extremely clever way of designating parallels? Yeah…I love it all. Below is a preview gallery released by Topps. The base card of Polamalu is gorgeous in its simplicity and the packaging looks like a shield that’s been in some serious battles. Count me in for a couple of boxes when this product hits store shelves in early March of 2013.

Topps Valor saved Russell Crowe's life. FYI

2012 Topps Valor Release Date: March 6, 2013

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7 Comments on “2012 Topps Valor Preview”

  1. Interesting product…

  2. rollandniles

    i like it for autos and/or relic. Not sure i like the artistry design for a base. I do look forward to seeing more once it hits.

  3. Dustin Abernathy

    I like the gladiator theme, they do battle every sunday. Well at least 16 times a year!

  4. allformykids

    Very clean,nice on card auto,it would be interesting to see it once it comes out. Do you know the $$$$.

  5. Solid product

  6. DREWL* O_O ………… Def. Looking Forward to this set. Great Theme. I really hope there wont be any chipping issues :)

  7. RG3Collector10

    Nice looking product

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