2012 SP Authentic Football Preview

January 9th, 2013

My love of SP Authentic is well documented; in fact, it is typically one of my favorite products of the entire year. It is one of the few products that I mock-up year after year because it’s style lends itself to simple, elegant, and powerful aesthetic choices. I still dream of the design I made back in 2011. If I ever win the lottery I will pay a company to manufacture that design for me.

Although I was generally displeased with the design of 2011 SP Authentic, it looks like Upper Deck made sure to bring the sexy back for my favorite draft class ever: 2012. I know many of you are only fans of NFL-licensed products, but I am a die-hard, obsessive, Baylor fanatic so having a high-end card of RGIII, Kendall Wright, and Josh Gordon featuring them in their COLLEGE attire has me swooning.

Upper Deck released the following images several months ago and although they look great, mock-ups never give the same impression as the in-hand, hard copies of the cards.

With the release date (1/29/13) only a few weeks away, Upper Deck has been showing off a few more pictures each day via Twitter. The gallery below features cards that are in-hand, autographed, ready for pack-out, and as attractive as AJ McCarron’s girlfriend.

The rookie-patch-auto (RPA) design looks WAY better live than it did in the preview images. I mean this is a really good-looking card. Big player picture, school logo, great use of foil, big area for the player to sign, nice patch-size….this is exactly what SP Authentic is expected to look like. My one concern is the fact that UD chose to put dark shadowy stuff in all four corners, which will absolutely make them harder to grade. The SPA designs that featured solid white corners are always the best, but honestly I don’t care that much.

My favorite aspects of this product:

    • Variety of veterans and rookies
    • Gorgeous and valuable RPAs
    • Die-cut autos
    • The addition of canvas autos

Boxes are expected to cost around $110 online and $125 at local card shops. Additional information after the gallery below.

The following is information straight from Upper Deck:

Look for (3) Autographs, including (1) Rookie auto Patch and (4) SP Canvas Card Variations Per Box!!

All Rookie Auto Patches are limited to 885 or less!

Look for Dual, Triple, and Quad Autographed Sign of the Times cards numbered to 35 or less!

for 2012: Uncover Stadium Authentics acetate cards with autographed and bowl game variations!

Collect the entire 280-card set including a remake of 1994 Upper Deck SP (100 cards) and the die-cut parallel!

Autographs from Rookies and Legends including:

- Barry Sanders
– Dan Marino
– John Elway
– Robert Griffin III
– Trent Richardson
– And More!


Autographed Cards (3 per box!):

- SP Rookie Auto Patch Tier 2 (# to 885)
– SP Rookie Auto Patch Tier 1 (# to 425)
– Regular Cards Auto Parallel (no #’ing)
– Regular Cards Auto Gold Parallel (# to 15)
– 1994 SP Football Auto Parallel (no #’ing)
– 1994 SP Football Die-Cut Auto Parallel (no #’ing)
– SP Rookie Threads Auto Jersey Tier 2 (# to 335)
– SP Rookie Threads Auto Jersey Tier 1 (# to 75)
– SP Legendary Threads Auto Jersey (# to 10)
– SP Rookie Threads Auto Patch Parallel Tier 2 (# to 5)
– SP Rookie Threads Auto Patch Parallel Tier 1 (# to 5)
– SP Legendary Threads Auto Patch Parallel (# to 2)
– Sign of the Times (no #’ing)
– Sign of the Times Gold Parallel (# to 10)
– Sign of the Times Dual Autos (Varied #)
– Sign of the Times Triple Autos (Varied #)
– Sign of the Times Quad Autos (# to 3)
– Stadium Authentics Auto (no #’ing)

Insert Cards and Parallels:

- 1994 SP Football (1:6)
– 1994 SP Football Die-Cut Parallel (1:48)
– Stadium Authentics (1:110)
– Stadium Authentics Bowl Variation (1:720)
– Canvas Regular Cards (1:6)
– Canvas Regular Cards SP (1:48)

Base Set:

- Regular Cards – 100 cards
– Regular Card Short Prints – 50 cards
– SP Rookie Auto Patch Tier 2 (# to 885)
– SP Rookie Auto Patch Tier 1 (# to 425)

24 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

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  1. Wow, this looks like a great product. After last year’s SP Authentic, 2012 SPX, and the mega-late (although well executed) Exquisite, it appears UD might have a winner on it’s hands!

  2. allformykids

    Very nice, and for the price it will be worth getting a box or two.

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