New Set Idea: Exquisite Traditions

June 14th, 2013

I’ve told you before that I’m a big fan of college football and NCAA-licensed cards. This is mostly because I am an obsessive Baylor fanatic, but it is also because I love the passion and energy that come from college traditions. There is nothing like being at a college football game where generations of alumnus are screaming in unison for their team.

Since UD is the only company with an NCAA-license, any original designs I make up with collegiate logos have to be from Upper Deck sets, for the sake of accuracy. Yesterday I had an idea for a new set called “Exquisite Traditions.” This set would highlight the most unique traditions in collegiate football; each card would include a jersey swatch and autograph of an iconic figure from the school. This would make for a very cool set that could include rookies and veterans alike.

For instance, Tennesee’s “Running Through the T” could feature Peyton Manning in his final home game as a Volunteer. Baylor’s “Line” would show RGIII running through the freshmen line. Clemson’s “Howard’s Rock” could feature a popular rookie, DeAndre Hopkins, as he lays his hand on college football’s most famous rock and prepares to descend the hill. I would make this an extremely exclusive “insert” set within the main set, so each card would be limited to under 10 copies. This would make the set extremely valuable and an excellent “chase set” for high-end collectors.

Peyton running through the "T" for the last time.

Peyton running through the “T” for the last time.

Robert Griffin III running through the Baylor Line

Robert Griffin III running through the Baylor Line

Deandre Hopkins touching Howard's Rock

Deandre Hopkins touching Howard’s Rock

The backs of the cards would tell the story of each unique college tradition. If the player is so inclined, he could inscribe the front of the card with the name of the tradition. RGIII could write “That Good ‘Ole Baylor Line” on his Exquisite Traditions card. And I would sell my kidneys (both of them) to buy that card…that is of course assuming UD used real-looking jerseys for the cards. Game-used college jerseys are extremely expensive, but in a set like Exquisite I think manufacturers should pull out all the stops and FIND A WAY to make the high-end product as authentic as possible. I would be willing to accept novelty or clearance-rack jerseys in the lower-end products if it meant game-used or at least embroidered, high-quality jerseys in Exquisite.

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5 Comments on “New Set Idea: Exquisite Traditions”

  1. Wow! These look great. Great ideas.

  2. Ryan VanLanen

    As always, Amazing and very creative. Seriously, Upper Deck has to see your work. Your designs and ideas are way ahead of the curve.

  3. Re: Ryan VanLanen

    Thanks so much, Ryan. Really appreciate your kind words.

  4. Re: Charlie

    Thanks you my friend! Looking forward to my next visit to your shop.

  5. Broncofan18621

    Why don’t you work for upper deck amazing idea!!

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