Did You Know: Episode 1

April 23rd, 2013

Beginning today, BustingPacks will do a weekly “Did You Know” article featuring a list of interesting facts, auctions, and randomness from our hobby. Today’s list features a lot of high-end stuff from Luck and Morris, with a few other tidbits of info thrown in for fun. If you come up with any interesting facts, post a comment and I may use it in the next edition of “Did You Know?”

    1. Topps Five Star is the only product with Alfred Morris rookie patch autos?
    2. Andre Luck’s National Treasures (true) RPA consistently sells for over $1,500?
    3. Andrew Luck’s Five Star RPA /50 is a HUGE value at under $400, and should easily bring in $600+ during the season.
    4. Andrew Luck’s Contenders RC Auto /550 sells for over $350 all the time…ungraded.
    5. Graded BGS 9.5 versions sell for double.
    6. Alfred Morris’ Five Star RPA is selling for around $150, but will go up substantially once collectors realize it is his only RPA.
    7. Kirk Cousins does not appear in Five Star, making THIS his highest end rookie auto to date. Other than 1/1’s like this, of course.
    8. 2012 National Treasures’ “Century Materials” set features veteran patch autos like this Emmit Smith…breathtaking.
    9. The Andrew Luck Golden Ticket surfaced on ebay…with a $35,000 BIN price tag!!!
    10. Robert Griffin III’s autographs in Five Star are redemptions…meaning they are selling for far less than they should.

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3 Comments on “Did You Know: Episode 1”

  1. Did someone just buy The luck golden ticket? And now its back on ebay!? Wondering if that guy had buyers remorse.

  2. allformykids

    thanks for the did you know??????? you should do a did you know 75% of collectors can’t afford these cards,lol.

  3. allformykids:

    I will do plenty of “Did You Knows” for cards the rest of us can afford…I was just intrigued by the difference in selling prices for Contenders vs. NT & Five Star. I find that stuff intriguing, even though those cards are reserved to my daydreams :-)

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