Deals to be Had: 2012 Five Star

April 24th, 2013

Yesterday I posted an article featuring random tid-bits of information about some pretty high-end cards. As usual, a few folks commented on the Facebook page telling me what I already know: that those super expensive cards are out of most collectors’ price ranges. In response, I offer you the following list of incredible “Deals to be had” from 2012 Topps Five Star Football.

Although this is a high-end product in every way (box price, on-card autos, veteran GU autos, gorgeous designs, etc) for some reason the majority of its cards are still surprisingly affordable. I think the 2011 Five Star product hurt the brand’s reputation with the countless single-colored jersey cards in all the booklets. But Topps came back stronger than ever with this year’s product improving it in every single way.

National Treasures did the same thing, improving its overall product in many ways and making it one of the strongest NTs in years. I love National Treasures, so I won’t debate which product I think is better overall (at least not today,) but I definitely believe that Five Star deserves to be in the exact same conversation.


Bottom line, if 2012 Topps Five Star was a stock, Jim Cramer would be screaming at us to buy. In my opinion, this product has a very high ceiling right now. Here’s a good example: Think of a few of the top running backs from the 2012 class. Who comes to mind? Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, David Wilson, Alfred Morris? Then there are the sleeper picks who, once they get more playing time, could turn out to be huge: Isaiah Pead, Robert Turbin, Ronnie Hillman, LaMichael James etc. Well guess what? You can buy most of their HIGH-END patch autos for between $10 and $50 bucks. Not kidding. That’s robbery.


Jim Cramer Recommends you BUY

Jim Cramer Recommends you BUY

If a player does well, the products that sky-rocket the fastest are high-end, including National Treasures, Exquisite, Five Star, and SP Authentic. The difference is, NT and Exquisite tend to be extremely expensive when the products first launch. But when a product takes off (like Kaepernick did last year) the top-level prices end up evening out. Kaepernick’s Five Star RPA reached levels close to NT and Exquisite last year, even though at one point his Five Star RPA was worth barely $25 bucks.

If you have been looking for an inexpensive opportunity to invest in the 2012 class, Topps Five Star might be your best bet. Below are a handful of deals I think are amazing, all (except one) ending today and most of them are ending at weird hours which means they should go for even less than what they’re worth! Good luck!


What if Nick Foles becomes the starting quarterback next year and blows up like Kaep did? A 15-30 dollar investment could be worth hundreds. What if Coby Fleener breaks out with Luck and becomes the next Gronk? A $10 RPA could be worth $80. What if Ronnie Hillman or Isaiah Pead take over as starters and dominate next year like CJ did in his Sophomore campaign?

At these insanely low prices, we’d be crazy not to invest :-)

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