Andrew Luck 2012 Upper Deck Redemption Information

July 8th, 2014

Last month Upper Deck began mailing out the long-awaited Andrew Luck autographs from their 2012 products. As most of you recall, UD did not have a contract with Andrew Luck when the 2012 products first came out (thanks to Press Pass.) Therefore, they included slightly ambiguous redemptions into all of their 2012 products which to “Trade Upper Deck” for a card of a “First Round Quarterback.” There were actually two redemptions…the first featured silver text which only promised a base rookie card of a “First Round Quarterback.” The second featured gold text and promised an autograph. Although speculation ran rampant when these first came out, we all pretty much assumed that these redemptions were for Andrew Luck cards.

Trade Upper Deck Andrew Luck Redemptions

Trade Upper Deck Andrew Luck Redemptions

Now that the redemptions have shipped, forums have been buzzing with collectors wanting to know more. For example, I purchased a gold trade card, meaning I would receive an Andrew Luck SP Authentic autograph. When my redemption arrived, I also received an SP Authentic base card. Collectors on the Blowout Forums were wondering if every SPA autograph redemption was supposed to receive a base card or if I received mine by mistake. They also had questions about the Exquisite autographs.

Upper Deck’s Sports Marketing and Social Media Manager, Chris Carlin, was kind enough to answer a couple of these questions for us. Below is our short Q&A, along with a gallery of the different 2012 Andrew Luck Upper Deck Cards. Chris’ responses are in blue.

    1. The SP Authentic autographs (gold redemptions) have been including the base rookie card in the packages. Is this an accident or are the autograph recipients intended to also receive the base RC? We included base versions of the SP Authentic Luck rookie card with all outstanding redemptions as a way of thanking fans for the long wait on finally getting approval to get these done and signed.
    2. What is the estimated print run of the SPA base RC? We are not disclosing print run details, rather letting the market determine scarcity levels.
    3. Will the recipients of the Exquisite autograph also receive the Exquisite base card? No, they would receive a SP Authentic base card as well and all of those have now shipped.
    4. Does UD have a checklist of all the 2012 Andrew Luck redemptions? I (Sergio) have the following in my personal checklist: UD (base & auto), SPX (auto), SPA (base & auto,) Exquisite (auto.) Not sure if SPX or Exquisite even have base cards…haven’t found any on ebay. That’s it. There are not base versions for SPx and Exquisite.

UPDATE: I asked one more question, and Chris’ response is important!
One final question: Do the SPX autograph redemptions also include a base SPA rookie card? Yes, they would get a base card as well. It is important to note however, we only did this to thank customers for the long wait. Customers who redeem them now are NOT guaranteed to get a bonus card. We only have a small allotment left. So if any fans are hanging on to redemptions, get them in now or you won’t get those bonus cards.

 Andrew Luck 2012 Upper Deck Gallery (Upper Deck Football, SP Authentic, SPX, Exquisite)

Andrew Luck 2012 Upper Deck Gallery (Upper Deck Football, SP Authentic, SPX, Exquisite)

If you want to see what these cards look like when they arrive from Upper Deck, check out my video mailday below.

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