Sports Card Album: Almost Ready!

June 25th, 2013

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with SportsCardAlbum, I recommend you read THIS ARTICLE first. Then come back and check out how awesome the product has become since I posted that first article.

Those of you who follow @SportsCardAlbum on Twitter know that we have made some HUGE improvements since the beta opened a month ago. We have to send out a big THANKS to all the participants of the beta–it’s because of them that this product is becoming all that it can be. In a few short weeks, we have added all of the following features:

  • Ability to swap-out images
  • Ability to rotate images
  • Ability to crop images
  • “Not-For-Trade” button
  • Ability to link cards to their appropriate eBay auctions
  • Profile features
  • Messaging System
  • Social links for sharing
  • Extra-large image capabilities
  • Unlimited Message storage

In addition to adding a bunch of new features, we also fixed several bugs that we (through our beta testers) found along the way. Although SportsCardAlbum is still not perfect, it has already surpassed my early expectations of what this could be. I had my idea–my dream–of the perfect solution for organizing my collection through my mobile device and sharing it with friends. I had a vision of what I wanted to see when I got home to my computer: all of my cards (and ALL their information) organized in neat, perfect rows, with IMG codes ready to go for the forums and links ready to share via Twitter…WITHOUT having to scan my cards or upload them to a “bucket.”

I was confident that if I could develop a product that fit MY needs, thousands of collectors would love it.

That may have been true, but we will never know. Why? Because within hours of launching the beta we had dozens of feature-requests, ideas, suggestions, and other valuable feedback. Some requests were already on my “future-feature” list, others I had never even thought about. The program is much more than what I set it out to be but that doesn’t mean we are done.

Today I’d like to share with everyone a couple of new features: Profiles, Social Links, Messaging, Cropping and Commenting. The videos on this post will explain the features and demonstrate them for you, so get watching.

The blank-faced, depressing, grey-scale pictures that most sites set as your “default” avatar simply aren’t good enough for Sports Card Album. We want Sports Card Album to be lively, colorful, and enjoyable. While many people enjoy customizing their avatars, there are still many people out there who do not take the time to do this. I wanted to provide these people with several beautiful, colorful, relevant designs that would represent who they are as collectors. I made these avatars in different colors for all the major US sports, so there should be something for everyone :-)
Sports Card Album Avatars

Messaging in forums SUCKS. You have to load your inbox. Then load your messages. Then scroll through all the old messages (contained within your new message) to find the new message. But the WORST part? Running out of space. As a collector, running out of space really grinds my gears. Messaging on Sports Card Album is simple. Intuitive. Beautiful. And UNLIMITED. That’s right. Unlimited messaging storage. Why? Because why the crap not? Because this is supposed to be a product that makes collectors’ lives easier and unlimited storage makes collectors’ lives easier.
Sports Card Album Messaging

If you click on a collector’s name, you will be taken to their album. Above their collection you can choose to “follow” them in your feed and in the left column you will see the person’s profile. Their profile includes some basic information along with their social links and albums. The coolest part is that you can add as many or as few social links as you’d like, and they aren’t strictly related to cards. Guess why? Because I have played XBOX Live with some of my card-collecting buddies from the forums. We follow each other on twitter. We trade together on Blowoutcards and we watch each other’s YouTube videos. We become friends with the people who collect with us and I wanted to reflect that with the social options on our site.

Sports Card Album Profiles

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I’d like to be able to comment on peoples’ cards. It bothers me that I can’t comment on eBay auctions, so that’s something I wanted to include in SCA. But I had no clue how sexy my developer friend would make the commenting feature. This feature is not present in the video above as it was just implemented this afternoon, but I will show you some screenshots below. At the bottom of each row (card) there is a sentence explaining who posted a card, what album they posted it to, and how many comments there are on that card. (There will soon be a “like” feature as well.” Click on the comments and you will be taken to a screen similar to the messaging system, so you can make a comment on that particular card. How good-looking is this? I love the way the card’s thumbnail hovers over the comment section. So slick.

Comments Screencap

I know what you are thinking…if the product is already so incredible, why isn’t it open to the public yet?

Soon, my friend, soon. We are adding a few more amazing features and each one needs to go through sufficient testing to ensure it works on all mobile devices, operating systems, and computers. We are getting very close and cannot wait to open this up to EVERYBODY. One big reason we are waiting is because we are planning a HUGE launch party for the day we launch. You will be hearing about that soon. I hope you’re all ready to leave behind the shackles of your buckets, orgs, and spreadsheets. This is the hobby, evolved.

¬†Oh yeah…while we’re on the subject….SportsCardAlbum will officially launch on



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13 Comments on “Sports Card Album: Almost Ready!”

  1. packerbackerdd

    I know I can’t wait. Great job with EVERYTHING!

  2. This looks great. I can’t wait to see the product.

  3. you’ve def put time into this. look forward to seei g where it goes . :) @rjdub81

  4. Good things are worth the weight, Serg!

  5. I mean, wait??!!!

  6. RE: Kel

    Hahaha….my best buddy from college goes by Kel on Xbox Live…I take it you are a Superman fan? Just saw Man of Steel the other day and I LOVED it.

  7. alformykids

    This has been great, I haven’t had much time to add cards to my album but I will continue to add slowly. I have said many times Sergio this was a great/awesome idea/vision you had,everything you do for us collectors I can not thank you enough.

  8. No Serg, I am definitely NOT a Superman fan. What they have done to the Man of Steel should be a crime. I’m sorry but Superman does not kill…He’s too dark. Why do they have to make the *good guys* dark???

    I’ve always been Kel to my friends… :D

  9. So cool! I would so love to get rid of my bucket.

  10. Re: Kel

    If Superman doesn’t [SPOILER ALER] snap that bastard’s neck he’s going to kill an innocent family. I’d snap his neck without thinking twice (assuming I was Superman in that position.) :-)

  11. Great site!!! Any ability to save templates in the works so we won’t have to enter in the same info over and over again?

  12. Re: jhinga09

    Absolutely. Template uploading and bulk uploading are almost ready!

  13. Travis Anderson

    Can you add Cryptozoic to the manufacturer drop down box? On my ipad it doesn’t let you add a manufacturer

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