No More Upper Deck Mock-Ups

June 22nd, 2013

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Upper Deck does not like me making mock-ups of their products and has threatened litigation from their “agents” if I continue making Andrew-Luck-Related cards like the ones below.

Watch the video at the bottom of this article for a candid explanation of the situation. Rather than jumping through the hoops and begging for permission to run my blog, I’ve begrudgingly decided to stop making any more original designs or mock-ups related to the Upper Deck brand. I apologize to those of you who enjoy my work, but this is a hobby for me and hobbies are supposed to be fun. Getting harassed by a company that I’m trying to promote isn’t entirely enjoyable.

Andrew Luck 2012 SP Authentic Auto


1) Very sorry for the HORRIBLE video quality below. Regular camera wasn’t working so I tried a new one…lighting turned out terrible and the stupid thing kept going in and out of focus. Painful to watch. Again, very sorry.

2) When I say the 1st Amendment allows me to do “whatever the hell I want,” it is in reference to creating my own designs that do not incorporate anyone’s trademarks. Upper Deck suggested that if I make any collegiate mock-ups the CLC could sue me. That might be true if I decided to print and SELL those designs, but simply making random card designs in Photoshop isn’t going to get anyone in trouble with the CLC. That is ridiculous. I understand UD may not want me making realistic-looking cards with THEIR logo and trademarks, though, so I will honor that wish.

3) Just so you’re aware, I have made mock-ups and original designs of Panini and Topps cards as well. You know what I get from them? Complimentary e-mails and words of appreciation. I guess they must have crappier legal teams than Upper Deck. UD told me that my designs “confuse collectors” and “hurt their business potential.

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14 Comments on “No More Upper Deck Mock-Ups”

  1. Tell UD to shove your kick ass designs up their backside–it might help them be more creative in the future.

    Of course you confuse collectors with your mockups. They’re better than the standard crap UD puts out, so I’m constantly confused as to why you don’t get paid for designs that are superior to theirs.

    And they wonder why their beloved company is on the brink of closing their doors. Collectors don’t wonder. We know.

  2. Wow, that sucks. Like the Rated Rookies touch there lol. They never threatened me when I made a UD Premier card a few months ago, in fact they were like nice custom card. Fast forward a few months and they put premier in SPX haha go figure.

  3. Ryan VanLanen

    What an absolute joke. There just jealous that your designs are better than there paid team anyways.

  4. Duch2izback

    You should know by now that Upper Deck is garbage and is headed into oblivion. If I were you, I wouldnt waste any more time on them. Let them go the way of the dinosaurs

  5. Very sad sir. I guess great minds truly threaten the rich and powerful.

  6. What a load of bull. They just can’t accept that they aren’t the poo anymore..

  7. Funny, they must be threatened because the product they put out is garbage and a non-employee puts out a better design than their team. Seriously, you have an NCAA license and waste it on designs that don’t highlight the only thing you have left.

  8. Confuse. Ha! Damn straight! I’m confused why a bunch of professionals keep putting out garbage and hassling you for showing what could’ve been.

  9. englandhousehold

    I wouldn’t worry about it…it’s only a matter of time until Upper Deck becomes the next Fleer….good riddance.

  10. allformykids

    that sucks, UD should take note and use your mock-ups for production they are way better than what they put out and maybe then it can justify why pay so much for hobby boxes.Serg, I know me and my boys will definetly miss your AWESOME design R.I.P. BP mock ups.

  11. wheeler281

    Unreal, I think they are indentifying you as a talent and themselves as a bunch of hacks by this badgering. Sergio I am glad you are rolling with the punches for you are a breath of fresh air in this genre of flippers and “investors”. The real BP is good for the hobby. I say we go to the national with some anti ud tshirts(straight up ghostbuster design)

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  13. Unbelievable. U aren’t making money out of this so how in the world can they possibly sue? Lost respect for UD. Still keeping my Kolb version. :)

  14. rolland niles

    this just fits in with the “sue anybody” mentality in the hobby now. These companies are getting ridiculous and seem to fail to realize that their product is purchased with “discretionary” income. We may need to use more discretion…..

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