Leon Sandcastle’s First Rookie Cards

February 4th, 2013

The only player who impressed more than Joe Flacco during the Super Bowl yesterday was Leon Sandcastle. An overall dominating performance at the future 2013 Combine (including a 4.2 forty) had “Sandcastle” on the tip of everyone’s tongues. I’m assuming you’ve all already seen the commercial, but I’ll include it below for your convenience.

Immediately after the commercial aired, collectors across the Twitterverse were clamoring for Sandcastle rookie cards, inserts, and parallels. Football-card fans were begging manufacturers to print Leon Sandcastle on cardboard, and two such companies were happy to oblige. Panini, who owns the “NFL Draft” market with its “Prestige” product, was the first card manufacturer to announce Sandcastle’s inclusion in their already-announced insert set: “Prestige Draft Day Jerseys.” Busting Packs obtained a copy of this super-rare card and tweeted the picture immediately. The image below was then re-tweeted to over 25,000 people over the course of the night.

Leon Sandcastle 2013 Panini Prestige

The day after the Super Bowl, Topps representatives announced Leon Sandcastle refractors and rare autographs would be included in their Blue Wave Packs which are being sent to collectors who pulled a redemptionfrom their 2012 Topps Chrome product. Topps was kind enough to provide us with a gold-parallel autograph of Sandcastle which we will be giving away in an upcoming promotion.*

Leon Sandcastle 2012 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor Autograph

Panini then set the collecting world afire when they announced that their flagship Contenders product, which had recently been delayed, was going to include on-card autographed XRCs of Sandcastle in their famous “Rookie Ticket” design. The set will also feature a short-print version of his XRC that includes an inscription of his jersey number, 21.

Leon Sandcastle 2012 Panini Contenders Inscription Auto SP

The only thing NFL fans are waiting for now is news regarding what position Leon Sandcastle is going to play for Kansas City. Rumor has it this “all-purpose-back” expects to play Quarterback, but many scouts have suggested he would be a better fit at wide receiver or even cornerback. Personally, I doubt Kansas City would be willing to spend a number one pick on a safety. With the recent success of agile rookie quarterbacks I’m guessing they’re going to ask him to toss the pigskin. One thing is certain: an athlete with Sandcastle’s skill set will be a game-changer at whatever position he plays.


*We don’t actually have a copy of any of these cards because they do not exist. The pictures in this article and all statements made herein are fictitious in nature and are not approved or licensed by the specified brands in any way.

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4 Comments on “Leon Sandcastle’s First Rookie Cards”

  1. Too funny.. Best commercial and best part of the game..
    Thanks for the great story.

  2. Brandon Beck

    I think it’d be a pretty cool insert in some products. I’d want it, lol

  3. Great commercial. Great article. Funny stuff.

  4. Dustin Abernathy

    Awesome that the card companies put these out. totally great idea and card that would be great for anyones collection, especially mine.

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