2012 QB Class Continues to Shine

November 4th, 2013

The 2012 NFL draft class began with massive hype around two top-notch quarterback prospects: Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Before the 2012 season was in the books, though, a third rookie QB–Russell Wilson–took the league by storm. The three rookie QBs set countless records over the course of the season and changed the way NFL teams think about the potential of rookie quarterbacks. This year, collectors were hard-up for new QBs to collect and found themselves buying into players like Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, Tyler Wilson, Ryan Nassib, and Mike Glennon.

But a handful of collectors continued to invest their money on the 2012 class, not just because of the top three rookie sensations, but because of the depth at the QB position in this class. Collectors love backup QBs, especially when they are backups on good teams behind HOF quarterbacks. For this reason, Brock Osweiller became a hobby superstar during the pre-season even though collectors didn’t expect him to take many (if any) snaps this season. Nick Foles was also hotly collected although at a substantially lower price point than Osweiler (because Osweiler plays for Denver.) Kirk Cousins played exceptionally well in his role backing up RGIII last year, so his cards have maintained a high valuation. Brandon Weeden had high-expectations and played very well in pre-season, but so far this year he has been a bust and continues to struggle making reads and throwing the ball in tight spaces. But there were still more diamonds in the rough…it would just take collectors a bit longer to realize it.

This past weekend, the 2012 Quarterback class boasted FIVE (5!) starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Crazier still…the maximum number possible (4/5) WON their games. Andrew Luck faced off against newly-crowned-starter Case Keenum and the Houston Texans. Although the Colts eventually won, Keenum shined for the second straight week and impressed collectors as well as NFL analysts with his quick thinking and strong arm. Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson each turned in awesome performances in their wins, but Nick Foles stole the spotlight by throwing a record-tying SEVEN touchdowns in just three quarters against the Oakland Raiders. As a result, the hobby is going crazy with all the dramatic increases in player value (this is very good for the hobby.)



Osweiller had so much hype he became a bit out of my price range, so I only purchased a couple of mid-end autos during the pre-season.

2012 Topps Five Star Brock Osweiller RPA /55

RC | AU | MEM | FSFT | Serial Number: /55

2012 Topps Finest Brock Osweiller Red Auto

RC | AU | MEM | FSFT | Serial Number: /25

Nick Foles had a lot more upside, so I invested in a high-end card: National Treasures Black RPA /25. I got it at a BIN price of around $125, which I considered a steal considering the same Andrew Luck and RG3 cards were selling for $1,200-$1,600. Figured even if Foles bombs, the card won’t go down in value more than $50 bucks or so, but if Vick gets injured and Foles plays a couple of games well, there was plenty of room for the card to go up. I also bought a Nick Foles Playoff Ticket auto for under $25, but it is a redemption and has yet to be fulfilled.

2012 Panini National Treasures Nick Foles Black RPA

RC | AU | MEM | FSFT | Serial Number: /25

I went to high-school in a suburb of Houston and had several friends attend the University of Houston. So I paid especially close attention to the local “Golden Boy,” Case Keenum, during his collegiate career and especially during the NFL pre-season. I was SO incredibly frustrated last year when I passed on an opportunity to buy Colin Kaepernick Exquisite RPAs for under $70, so I vowed not to do that again. Unfortunately, I did. I failed to purchase Case Keenum, Nick Foles, or Osweiller Exquisite RPAs despite their low price points. Heck, Case Keenum was under $30 during pre-season.

But I DID invest. I finally DID make some moves. During the pre-season I watched Case Keenum play with the brains of a veteran and the enthusiasm of a rookie. His mechanics were awesome and immediately made me question the critics who called him a “System Quarterback” coming out of college. So I searched eBay for his Contenders autos during half-time and found a lot of four Keenum autos: Base Contenders auto, Contenders Variation auto, Contenders Playoff Ticket auto, and Contenders Cracked Ice auto. The “Buy-It-Now” price was $100, which made me hesitate. Flashbacks of Colin Kaepernick made me sick to my stomach and I decided I couldn’t take that disappointment again. So I pulled the trigger.

I had already purchased a handful of Case Keenum Contenders autos for $3-10 a piece during the last year, mostly to give as gifts to friends from UH. At the time of this writing, his base auto is selling for over $50, his variation auto is selling for over $60, his Playoff Ticket is at $100, and his Cracked Ice is over $400. I FINALLY got one right! The question now is, do I cash in my chips? Or wait to see if he can reach the next level of value along the likes of Luck/Kaep/Wilson/RG3?


This year, I’ve remained on the RC QB train, picking up inexpensive under-the-radar QBs for cheap wherever I can. Mike Glennon has impressed in his few starts so his prices are also going up. But Ryan Nassib is dirt cheap so I picked up a few of his as well…you never know!

2013 Panini Momentum Mike Glennon RC GU Auto

RC | AU | MEM | FSFT | Serial Number: /99

2013 Panini Certified Mike Glennon RPA Gold

RC | AU | MEM | FSFT | Serial Number: 11/25

2013 Topps Topps Finest Mike Glennon

RC | AU | MEM | FSFT | Serial Number: /50

2013 Topps Inception Ryan Nassib RPA /25

RC | AU | MEM | FSFT | NFT | Serial Number: 23/25

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  1. You could just send me the cracked ice Keenum, I can always send more Baylor and mike singletary stuff ??? J/k

  2. Nice cards, sell now on the Keenum stuff. I don’t see them going up in value this year.

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