2012 Contenders Anniversary Video

February 9th, 2013

Contenders is one of my favorite products each year. In honor of the brand’s 20th Anniversary, BustingPacks.com teamed up with creative genius Tom Key to produce the following video; a video which recaps the product’s illustrious history and highlights its latest innovations for 2012.


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5 Comments on “2012 Contenders Anniversary Video”

  1. Thats what im talking about lets bust away awesome video

  2. AWEsome! Great video featuring Contenders through the years!

  3. packerbackerdd

    Innovativ from its inception, Contenders continues to deliver year in and out!

  4. Dude that’s such an epic video I want to buy now extremely bad

  5. allformykids

    Awesome video looking back at how they improved there designed through the years,I remember when my brother collected in the 90’s he had about 50 Terrell Davis RC contenders,I only wish he sold them after back to back Superbowls but here we are 18 Yrs later and they sit in my kids collection, I don’t have any friends who collect cards like me so I only share information with my boys and they love collecting.

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