2011-2012 SP Authentic Basketball Preview

October 10th, 2011

SP Authentic has a long-standing reputation as one of the premiere products in the sports-card world. Basketball is particularly special, though, as Upper Deck holds the exclusive rights to Michael Jordan’s and Lebron James’ autographs. Last year Upper Deck advertised one MJ or LJ autograph PER CASE, giving collectors an astonishingly high probability of pulling some of the most coveted autographs in the sports-card world.

This year, UD is continuing this tradition by offering equally enticing case hits. There are twelve (12) boxes per master case, made up of two (2) six (6) box inner cases. One 6-box inner case will include a Michael Jordan or LeBron James autograph while the other 6-box inner case will include an autograph from either Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Julius Erving, Derrick Rose, or one of the year’s top two rookies. Moreover, there will be three hits in each box, including:

—SP By the Letter Autographs
—College Pride Auto Jerseys
—North Carolina Authentics Floor
—Sign of the Times Dual, Triple & Quad
—SP Flashback Rookie F/X Autographs
—Regular Card Autograph Parallels

North Carolina Authentics Floor Cards contain pieces of the Carmichael Arena Floor!
Look for rare autographed parallels from UNC superstars that played on that floor, like:
—Michael Jordan
—Sam Perkins
—James Worthy
—Kenny Smith
 Regular Set:
—Regular Cards (50)
—SP Flashback Rookie F/X (50)
—SP By the Letter Autographs (60)

Top Inserts:

—College Pride Auto Jersey (Varied #)
—North Carolina Authentics Floor (1:24)
—Sign of the Times Dual, Triple and Quad Autos (Varied #)


—5 cards per pack
—24 packs per box
—6 boxes per inner shipper
—2 inner shippers per case

Start saving up now as 2011-2012 SP Authentic Basketball will be hitting store shelves Tuesday, October 25th 2011. Expected price is between $110 and $120 per hobby box or between $1350 and $1400 per master case.

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5 Comments on “2011-2012 SP Authentic Basketball Preview”

  1. Odds that Lebron James will win 7 NBA Championships 1:100,000,000. Odds that Lebron will win an order of fries 1:4. Odds of getting a Lebron or Michael Jordan AUTOGRAPH from a box of 2011-12 SP Authentic 1:12!!!! Can’t wait. DUE OUT October 26th!

  2. Re: Charlie DiPietro

    Best. Comment. Ever.

    Great seeing you today, Charlie! Hope to stop by next week to bust my own box of SPA 2011-2012!!!

  3. Cool product. I’m still looking for my first Jordan auto, but haven’t had any luck yet.

  4. Re: Travis M.

    Ditto…maybe someday, right?

  5. Are you gonna bust any of this? I was thinking of doing some basketball cards, but not sure what to bust… Not a big fan of the college cards but this looks the best of all the UD college cards I have seen. Stupid lockout!

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