May 23rd, 2013

Prize Winners

Sometimes I get excited about the hobby.

When I get excited, I tend to want to share my excitement with others. My favorite way to do this is via Twitter and Facebook. However, when we do so many giveaways it can sometimes be tough to keep track of them all. Although I consider myself extraordinarily trustworthy, I know that many collectors have been cheated or lied to by other companies on social media.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just won ____!!! (But we’re never going to actually send it to you we just wanted to gain some followers.)

I don’t want any BustingPacks visitor to EVER worry about something like that. The majority of the time, prizes come directly out of my pocket or from my personal collection. Sometimes prizes are donated by the nice people at Topps and Panini. Either way, the point of this website is to SHARE in the excitement of the hobby, not to screw people over.

With that in mind, I offer you a detailed list of winners. IF YOU HAVE WON A PRIZE from me in the past, please either e-mail me (, tweet me (@BustingPacks) or post a comment below and I will add you to the page.

DISCLAIMER: Sometimes I give away prizes in the form of products that haven’t come out yet! In these cases, please be patient and trust that I will send you your prize as soon as I receive the product in hand…usually the week after it’s released in the case of hobby products.


Random Prize Pack 5/21/2013   Brad @badbrad1987   No
2013 Score Jumbo Pack 5/21/2013   A. York @york1982   Yes   Yes
2013 Score Jumbo Pack 5/21/2013   J. Garchow @garpike28   Yes   Yes
Leon Sandcastle Auto 5/21/2013   J. Gustafson @MMEALITE_Jason   Yes   Yes
Random Prize Pack 5/14/2013   M. McMannis @gordonfan24ever   Yes   Yes
2013 Archives Blaster 5/15/2013   G. Goebel @GoebelGeoff   Yes   Yes
2013 Archives Blaster 5/11/2013   T. Sloop @tjsloop   Yes   Yes
2013 Archives Blaster 5/12/2013   B. Hart @notorioussog23   Yes   Yes
Inception BB Duel 5/7/2013   B. Shragger @benswagga   No
2012 Topps FB Set 5/7/2013   K. Miller @koolkellygirl   No
Dan Marino SPA Stadium 4/29/2013   T. Perry @aperry1_Tony   Yes   Yes
Random Prize Pack 4/29/2013   L. Hannah @lushan5   Yes   Yes
5 Hobby Packs 13 Score 4/27/2013   M. Traylor @ballcardz   Yes   Yes
5 Hobby Packs 13 Score 4/27/2013   J. Rothman @JRoth009   Yes   Yes
3 Rack Packs of 2013 UD 4/25/2013   Troy @troyp112   Yes   Yes

Prize Pack

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4 Comments on “PRIZE WINNERS”

  1. allformykids

    Congrats to everyone.

  2. allformykids

    We have won a few prizes from you, I just can’t remember exact dates.

  3. Congrats too all the winner hopefully one day my name will be added too the list :o)

  4. You hooked-up my Son with some Panini NFL stickers and stickerbook last September (2012). Thanks again!

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