November 19th, 2012

This one will take a couple of minutes of work, but should be fun!

Click HERE and type in the two-letter abbreviation of any state to find participating card shops. Feel free to call or visit ANY participating shop, so if you feel like being crazy and searching another far-away state, go for it.

Once you’ve picked out a card shop, you need to call them up and ask for the manager or owner. (Of course you are welcome to do this in person if your local shop participated.)

Tell them you are doing a survey for and wanted to ask them about the Panini Player of the Day Promotion. Then ask them the following questions:

    1. Did you participate in the Panini Player of the Day promotion?
    2. What did you think of it?
    3. Did it help generate sales?
    4. Did it bring more customers to your store?
    5. Did your customers enjoy it?
    6. Do you enjoy these Panini promotions?

You do not need to ask ALL of those questions and you are welcome to come up with your own, too. I need to know the name of the card shop and the name of the person you speak with, though. This way I can contact them about their prizes.

Still learning how to do the iPhone Panorama pics

Also, there is NO limit to the number of entries per person. Since there are SO many hobby shops that participated you can call and interview as many as you want. ONE lucky winner will win a hobby box of 2012 Panini MOMENTUM Football. The LCS that is picked will also win a prize: will do a featured article on them and place their logo on the website for one month. We will also mail them a nice poster stating that they were “featured” in Second place will win an Andy Dalton “Private Signings” autograph from Panini as well as a POD t-shirt. Third, fourth, and fifth prizes will receive Panini Player-of-the-Day T-shirts as well as BustingPacks prize packs (Including the loose cards pictured above and a whole lot more.)


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  1. No limit huh? Lucky for me I have nothing to do haha

  2. Haha…the limit will be one PRIZE per person. But if you enter five times it will improve your chance of winning the grand prize. If someone wins multiple prizes I will give them their choice of what prize they want out of the five.

  3. I’m not sure the reason..but for the size of the State there really aren’t that many LCS’s in NY. Especially upstate. Not one near me for at least 75 miles…at least! (Keep in mind I said for the size of this State) This doesn’t have much bearing on the contest but I’m just saying.

  4. Sorry just wanted to follow up quick as I looked at the States listing. There is not an LCS within 100 miles of where I live. Pretty sad. Most all in Western Ny, and Albany-South. That stinks. I think Topps is the same way

  5. Re: Scott

    Feel free to call someone in a far away state :-) I could have sworn there were some card shops in NY but unless they put “sportscards” in their name it is really hard to find them. I went through the same thing here in Houston. Googled the heck out of sports cards and found one place an hour away but apparently there are like four shops! Just hard to find unless you know who hey are.

  6. allformykids

    Thanks, another great contest we will sure have fun doing this.

  7. Frederick DeGraw

    scott you are right there isnt many LCS in NY and were im from in NY the catskills (Sullivan County) there was one that i knew of it and four othe business burnt down due to a propane explosion

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