Help Bring Leon Sandcastle to Inception!

May 3rd, 2013

Leon Sandcastle Inception

The collecting community needs YOUR help! Topps Art Director, Jeff Zachowski recently tweeted a mockup of Leon Sandcastle in the 2013 Inception Football set, per Chris Olds’ request. Football-card aficionados went nuts, tweeting and retweeting the epic design for all to see. Sure, having Leon Sandcastle featured in a set is something we’ve already seen, as both Panini and Topps have announced plans to include Sandcastle inserts in several upcoming products. But nobody was expecting high-end products–like the gritty Inception–to include the superstar from Primetime University.

Our hopes were dashed, though, when Jeff quickly admitted the mock-up was fictional (he took a fun jab at Manti Teo in the process lol.)

Although we were all crushed, my spirits were lifted when Jeff announced there COULD BE a way to make our Leon-Sandcastle-Inception dreams come true.

Since letters are out of date, I call upon you, my football-card-collecting brothers and sisters, to help bring awareness to this absolutely-not-important-but-would-be-cool-cause. I ask you to help me drown Topps’ Twitter and Facebook pages with requests for Leon Sandcastle autographs in 2013 Inception Football for the next 3 Days.

What’s in it for you?


This could be a reality.

This could be a reality.


Oh yeah, and a couple other things.

Make sure you use hashtag #Leonception and copy us (@BustingPacks) in your tweets! You will get your name in the drawing once for every “thing” you do. For instance, let’s say you tweet Topps and post a note on their Facebook page. That gets your name in the drawing twice. In order to keep us from crossing the line into “annoying,” we will put the following constraint on your entries:

LIMIT of 1 TWEET, 1 RETWEET, and 1 FACEBOOK POST per DAY. (Total 3 entries/day.)

The only way you will get your name in the drawing for those entries is by posting a comment in the bottom of this thread or on the facebook page or by using the hashtag on Twitter. We will verify the winners’ entries, so please don’t cheat.


These Bonus Points will count in addition to your 3 entries!

So what can we WIN???

    • PRIZE #1: 2013 Topps Inception — Box Break Duel vs. Me (Sergio) Live on Ustream
    • PRIZE #2: 2012 Topps Football Complete Set (Sealed)

Grand Prize winner will get to choose from the two prizes above. Also, fellow sports-card bloggers are allowed to participate! Some links to get you started:

Tweet Poster Inception
Oh and one more thing. If Topps DOES end up including Leon Sandcastle autographs in 2013 Inception Football, I will give the following card away to one random participant in this promotion. Yeah, no kidding. Straight from my personal collection.

This could be yours, too.

This could be yours, too.

So let’s get started!

CONTEST ENDS MONDAY, May 6th at 11:59pm CST. Entries submitted after this date are still welcome but will not be eligible for the amazing prizes.

Help us get Leon Sandcastle autographs in 2013 Topps Inception Football!!!

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3 Comments on “Help Bring Leon Sandcastle to Inception!”

  1. allformykids

    Wow, I can’t believe this is a topic of discussion, this guy should have been placed on the production line as soon as he entered the draft.

  2. What? The greatest player to ever (…..) and no card for him??? How can Topps leave this guy out?

  3. rolland niles

    please the joke is old now.

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