Halloween Panini Hobby Box Giveaway!

October 28th, 2013

Happy Halloween, card collectors! Busting Packs is proud to present our first annual Halloween costume contest! This promotion is sponsored by Panini and their “Player of the Day” promotion, so a big thanks goes out to them for providing us with the sweet giveaways. All you need to do is print out the “I heart Panini” image shown below, then take a picture of yourself holding up the sign while wearing your Halloween costume. Feel free to pass the sign along and take individual pics of all your friend/family/pets…if they’re wearing a costume, they are eligible.

Don’t worry if your costume isn’t the best this year. Each entry counts, whether you’re in a crazy-elaborate costume or a simple home-made one. Winners will be randomly chosen. Grand Prize? A hobby box of 2013 Certified Football. Second Place? Many people would prefer it over the grand prize. They are pretty much equal in value and awesomeness. I won’t ruin the surprise for you…

Halloween Panini POD

UPDATE: If you can’t print out the sign below, you may also just take a picture holding up a Panini card.
Save the “I Love Panini” document by clicking the image below, then print it out. If you run out of color ink, color it in by hand :-) Is your printer broken? Then I encourage you to embark on a fun art adventure and draw the image you see below on a sheet of paper. We will count it…want this contest to be completely inclusive! You have until NOVEMBER 4th to submit your pics!

I love Panini

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