Grand Prize BPPOD Winners Announced!

December 2nd, 2012

Thanks to everyone for participating! Sixty-Seven (67) card shops were surveyed in total…way more than I expected! I was happy to see that many LCS owners took the time to provide you with useful feedback, whether it was good or bad. Although many of the shops were terse with their responses (presumably because they were busy with customers,) a lot actually answered more questions than I provided. Kudos to you for being such great interviewers.

One additional thing, before I announce the winners…Instead of writing an article for only the winning LCS, we will be featuring all of the top 5 winning card shops on our website for one month each, beginning in January. Each LCS will receive a kit from Busting Packs that they can display in their shops and they will be promoted as the “LCS of the Month” on our site.

One of the winning card shops (you’ll see below) sadly hung-up on the person doing the survey, so I was thinking about not giving them their prize. But I figure maybe the guy was having a bad day and who knows, it might be a great shop. So I will still be calling them up and offering them their prize :-) Without further ado, here are your winners:

So what do they win?!? Well, each person will get to choose (in order) from the following five prizes (please post a comment below telling me what prize you want, or e-mail us at

Note: Regarding the t-shirts, we only have one Med, one LRG, one XL, and one XXL. So last place winner will get whatever shirt size is left over, sorry!

    1. Hobby Box of 2012 Panini Momentum Football
    2. Panini POD Pennant, plus a Panini POD T-Shirt, plus a BP “Prize Pack”
    3. Rubber “Dallas Cowboys/Tony Romo” themed football, plus a Panini POD T-shirt, plus a BP “Prize Pack”
    4. “Private Signings” oversized on-card autograph of Andy Dalton, plus a Panini POD T-Shirt
    5. Panini POD T-Shirt, plus a BP “Prize Pack”


Beautiful prizes in need of good homes.

Well, that’s all folks! Thank you so much for participating in the various Busting Packs/Panini promotions over the past several months. If you get a chance to talk to someone over at Panini, please be sure to thank them for all the wonderful goodies! We plan on having many more giveaways throughout the Christmas season, so stay tuned for exciting stuff to come. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday night and that all your fantasy teams win!

~Sergio and the Busting Packs Team

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6 Comments on “Grand Prize BPPOD Winners Announced!”

  1. Garrett Harris

    Alright, so my first choice would be the Hobby Box of 2012 Panini Momentum Football.

    And then my second choice would be the “Private Signings” oversized on-card autograph of Andy Dalton, plus a Panini POD T-Shirt.
    My t-shirt size that I wear is XL.

  2. allformykids Jim Pineda

    This was a fun one for me, I was a bit nervous asking the questions that at times I felt my self shaking (not sure why maybe thinking about that box of Momentum)….thanks again for all you do and for the great giveaway’s, we will take # 4 or whatever is left.
    Thanks again,
    Jim,Jake & Alex

  3. Re: Garrett Harris

    I jotted down your address then removed it from your post for your safety. You will receive prize #4, congratulations and thanks for participating!

  4. Garrett Harris

    Ok thanks man. And ya I really appreciate this promotion. Can’t wait for the next one!

  5. Sergio,

    Thanks so much for all the work and promotions you do!

    Seeing as I’m number 4, I’ll just list my preferences and whatever is there I’ll be happy with.

    1. Hobby Box
    2. Dalton
    3. Pennant/Shirt/Prize Pack Size L
    4. Shirt/Prize Pack Size L
    5. Romo football

  6. allformykids


    thank you for the prize pack it arrived yesterday, the cards were nice the t-shirt was a bit big I may have to start lifting weights to fill into it LOL, we really appreciate all you do with giveaway’s & reviews.
    Have a Merry Christmas,
    Jim,Jake & Alex

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