BPPOD Weekend Giveaways!!!

October 12th, 2012

This one’s going to be fun. First things first…

Click HERE.

Remember, the point of these promotions is to encourage all collectors to visit their local card shops and participate in the Panini Player of the Day promo that runs through November. Now here’s our next contest:


The rules are simple. Guess the correct stats for a certain player, win the prize pack associated with that player. FYI – Some players’ prize packs are extremely juicy. We’re hoping this contest adds a little more excitement to your Fantasy Football weekend…

So here’s how to play:


But wait, how am I supposed to know which players’ stats I’m supposed to be guessing? Hold your horses, buddy. I’m getting to that. I just needed some text between these two graphics to make the article look better. Graphic on top of graphic doesn’t look clean. You may now continue reading about the contest:

The easiest way to enter is probably to do so through our Facebook page, but as usual, you can enter in whatever way you’re most comfortable. If you’re going to tweet your answers, please be sure to copy @BustingPacks and @PaniniPOD and use hashtag #BPPOD. Note that by tweeting your answers, or this link, or by just “liking” this thread on Facebook you are automatically entered to win an awesome Panini Player-of-the-Day t-shirt.


By the way, some of the top prizes are so JUICY I can’t show them all below. I hinted at a couple in the graphic above, but trust me those are but a small sampling of the goodies we’ve got in store for you!

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9 Comments on “BPPOD Weekend Giveaways!!!”

  1. allformykids


  2. always awesome contest

  3. Sweet contest! When do we find out the winners from your last contest?

  4. Re: Jason


    Might be very, very soon.

  5. I am doing my picks on here…hope that is okay. Not really ever on Facebook much.

    Andrew Luck 255 yards 2 tds

    RG3 (if he plays) 265 yards 2 td’s

    Michael Egnew 20 yards 2 catches

    Arian Foster 102 yards 1 td

    Russel Wilson 178 yards 1 td

    Coby Fleener 35 yards and 2 catches

    Trent Richardson 79 yards 1 td

    Bye Week for Blackmon 0 yard 0 catches..yes got at least one right!

  6. So do we have to pick the exact number or is it the closest to it? There are some people on here that got EXTREMELY close! Great job everyone!

  7. Dont think i did well..but will have to see for the results…

  8. It’s going to be who was closest :-) Am tabulating the results now. Have to look through all the tweets and FB guesses.

  9. Who won michael egnew and did you get my email? Thanks

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