2013 NFL Draft: Guess and Win

April 25th, 2013

NFL Draft 2013Last year’s draft was full of big name players…Andrew Luck, RGIII, and Trent Richardson, just to name a few. What it was missing, though, was excitement surrounding where those players would go. It was a given that Luck would go #1 to Indianapolis and that Robert Griffin III would go #2 to Washington. Most people expected Richardson to go #3 to Cleveland, although it was not a guarantee. This year’s draft may be short on celebrities, but it will be full of excitement.   Why?

Because we don’t have a clue where most of the players will end up! Aside from the top two or three picks, you’ve got as good a chance of winning the lottery as you do of correctly picking where the (anticipated) first eight QBs go. Don’t believe me?Then prove me wrong. Correctly guess the teams the following 8 QBs go to and you will win the grand prize: five (5) Rack Packs of 2013 Upper Deck Football and an autograph of the #1 QB taken in the draft. (If multiple people win, we will randomize a first and second place and the autograph will go to first place, rack packs to second place.)

Don’t guess them all correctly? No problem. Assuming nobody gets them all right, whoever guesses the MOST correctly will win three (3) rack packs of 2013 Upper Deck Football.

Top 3 QBs Anticipated

Here are the (expected) top 8 QBs taken in the draft. Doesn’t matter if they are the first 8 or not, your job is to guess which TEAM will pick each of these players.

  1.  Geno Smith, West Virginia
  2. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse
  3. EJ Manuel, Florida State
  4. Landry Jones, Oklahoma
  5. Mike Glennon, NC State
  6. Matt Barkley, USC
  7. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas
  8. Tyler Bray, Tennessee

Please post your responses in the comments below or as a comment under this post on the Facebook page. Good luck and happy draft day!

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19 Comments on “2013 NFL Draft: Guess and Win”

  1. Geno Smith, West Virginia—-jaguars
    Ryan Nassib, Syracuse—bills
    EJ Manuel, Florida State—eagles
    Landry Jones, Oklahoma—bears
    Mike Glennon, NC State—arizona
    Matt Barkley, USC—browns
    Tyler Wilson, Arkansas—vikings
    Tyler Bray, Tennessee—steelers

  2. Matt Gilman

    Geno smith-jags
    Ryan nassib-bills
    Ej manuel-philly
    Landry jones-vikings
    Matt barkley-browns
    Mike glennon-jets
    Tyler wilson-chiefs
    Tyler bray-oakland

  3. Kevin Reilly

    Geno Smith – Browns
    Ryan Nassib – Bills
    E.J Manuel – Raiders
    Landry Jones – Vikings
    Matt Barkley – Jets
    Mike Glennon – Jaguars
    Tyler Wilson – Chiefs
    Tyler Bray – Eagles

    Any way to get an autograph of the 1st QB taken in LAST year’s draft? :-)

  4. Geno Smith-Jets
    Ryan Nassib-Bills
    EJ Manuel-Eagles
    Landry Jones-Cardinals
    Mike Glennon-Titans
    Matt Barkley-Jaguars
    Tyler Wilson-Raiders
    Tyler Bray- Chiefs

  5. Geno Smith Jets
    Ryan Nassib Bills
    Landry Jones Cowboys
    EJ Manuel Eagles
    Matt Barkley Cardinals
    Mike Glennon Chiefs
    Tyler Wilson Jaguars
    Tyler Bray Raiders

  6. Phillip Bradley Hughes

    Geno Smith – JETS
    Ryan Nassib – Bills
    Jaquars – EJ Manuel
    Landry Jones – chiefs
    Mike Glennon – Browns
    Matt Barkley – Raiders
    Tyler Wilson – Cowboys
    Tyler Bray – Titans

  7. Eric Eckstein

    Geno Smith- Cleveland
    Ryan Nassib- Buffalo
    EJ Manuel- Arizona
    Landry Jones- Tampa Bay
    Matt Barkley- Jacksonville
    Mike Glennon- New York Jets
    Tyler Wilson- Oakland
    Tyler Bray- Philadelphia

  8. Nick Mikulicich

    Geno Smith – Jets
    Ryan Nassib – Bills
    EJ Manuel – Patriots
    Landry Jones – Broncos
    Mike Glennon – Jaguars
    Matt Barkley – Vikings
    Tyler Wilson – Eagles
    Tyler Bray – Patriots

  9. allformykids

    ryan nassib…..

  10. 1.Geno Smith – Browns
    2.Ryan Nassib – Bills
    3.EJ Manuel – Jets
    4.Landry Jones – Eagles
    5.Mike Glennon – Chargers
    6.Matt Barkley – Jaguars
    7.Tyler Wilson – Steelers
    8.Tyler Bray – Patriots

  11. allformykids

    geno smith…bills
    tyler Wilson….raiders
    tyler bray…… cleveland
    Landry jones …..chiefs

  12. Ben Schragger

    Geno Smith, Browns
    Ryan Nassib, Bills
    EJ Manuel, Eagles
    Landry Jones, Raiders
    Mike Glennon, Jets
    Matt Barkley, Vikings
    Tyler Wilson, Bucs
    Tyler Bray, Bengals

  13. 1.Geno Smith – Jets
    2.Ryan Nassib – Bills
    3.EJ Manuel – Browns
    4.Landry Jones – Eagles
    5.Mike Glennon – Jaguars
    6.Matt Barkley – Cardinals
    7.Tyler Wilson – Steelers
    8.Tyler Bray – 49ers

  14. Geno Smith Jets
    Matt Barkley Jags
    Ryan Nassib Bills
    Ej Manuel Eagles
    Mike Glennon Bears
    Landry Jones Raiders
    Tyler Wilson Rams
    Tyler Bray Steelers

  15. Here’s what I got for the guys who are left.

    Barkley – Oakland
    Nassib – Browns
    Jones – Chiefs
    Wilson – Eagles
    Bray – Steelers

  16. Looks like nobody got more than 1 QB correct in this tough draft! Was wondering if one wins those awesome packs or if you random all with 1 right and pick 3 to get a pack. Nonetheless awesome contest and great draft weekend.

  17. Nick Mikulicich
  18. Re: Troyp112

    Great idea. I’ll random the three people who each got one right. Wasn’t sure how to do this lol

  19. Seven people got one right. Randomed those seven people and troyp112 is the winner. Please e-mail me your mailing address and I’ll ship you your rack-packs!

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