2013 Panini Pinnacle Box Break Review

October 1st, 2013

2013 Pinnacle Baseball is a really fun break if you enjoyed the Pinnacle Products from the ’90s. I got quite nostalgic pulling these inserts. Honestly for an inexpensive product, these look beautiful in person. Panini put some effort into this set. You get 1-2 Inserts per pack, but because there are so many different insert sets (each with short-print parallels) the rare cards still maintain value.

Clear Cut Pinnacle

Two (2) autographs and around one (1) Die Cut or “Artist Proof” insert per box. The “Clear Vision” cards are gorgeous and I love the parallel sets which are based on the difficulty of the achievement. For instance, the offensive players get things like “Single,” “Double,” or “Triple.” Rare inserts would be “Home Run” or “Grand Slam.” For defensive players like Nolan Ryan (above,) “Complete Game” might not be worth a lot but “No Hitter” is about as rare as a three-legged Dodo bird.

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