2013-14 Panini Gold Standard Basketball Review

March 8th, 2014

Review by: Jeffrey Detter

Year in and year out Gold Standard is one of the most anticipated basketball releases from Panini. This year’s product provides some great looking RPA’s (Rookie-Patch-Autos), as well as one of the nicer looking patch set with Black Gold Threads. As with previous releases this year’s edition provides some awesome “chase” cards in “Bullion Brands” and Solid Gold 1/1’s.



My initial reaction when Panini started to unveil the 2013-14 designs was the improved design on the RPA. Last year’s design was quite bland and included a lot of unused space on the card. This year, however, they have used most of the space on the card and they look great! Easily the best RPA so far this season, especially when you see the prime patches on the low-numbered parallels.

Gold Standard RPA

Gold Standard provides some of the best memorabilia cards for the collector. Bullion Brands has become a staple the past few years as one of the must have cards for a player collector. Each is serial numbered to 2 and provides the Adidas tag at the bottom of the NBA jersey. Bullion Brands isn’t the only sought after memorabilia set in Gold Standard, each year there are collectors who look to put the Black Gold Threads together. Many in this particular set are serial numbered to 7 with a few SP’s #/3 and #/1.


My favorite cards in this year’s product without a doubt are the NBA Finals MVP cards serial numbered to 20. They look outstanding and will be on my eBay watch list for sure!

Another insert that quickly caught my attention was the black metal cards, which seem to be falling about one per case. Collectors on the secondary market have already taken notice of this SSP set as the Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving went for $223 and $100 respectively!

Gold Standard Hits


The most noticeable flaw with 2013-14 Gold Standard is that it is really a “boom or bust” type product. I have seen countless breaks in which the breaker hasn’t come close to getting even half of the MSRP back on the box. I also believe there are too many autographed sets in the product. There are six different autographed sets with Superscribe, Mother Lode, Marks of Gold, Gold Strike, Gold Season and Gold Scripts. I think Panini could cut at least two of those sets from this product.


At the current price point, despite some of the nice hits you can get from this product I would stick to singles. While I’m sure it would be an extremely fun break, I’m not sure you will get much out of the box sell or trade wise. I think this would be a great product to bust if the price comes down to around $115-120, but it’s too risky for me at $180+. There are some amazing cards in this product, including the nicest patches in any product outside of Flawless. They are just really rare and unless you’re willing to bust a lot of boxes, the odds won’t be in your favor. Of course there will always be the lucky collectors who buy one box of Gold Standard and pull an insane Damian Lillard Buillon brand 1/1, but that’s the exciting prospect that keeps us all busting packs.

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