2013-14 Panini Basketball Review

June 2nd, 2014

2013-14 Panini Basketball is a product ideal for set collectors, kids and those just getting into collecting. This product is low-end and features many different sets a collector could put together. There are two (2) guaranteed autographs per box. Back this year is “Knights of the Round” which fell one per case last year and looks to be one per case again this year. A new insert set called “Favorites” also looks to be a one per case card.

“Knights of the Round” was one of my favorite inserts from last year. It reminded me of collecting back in the 90’s when inserts were very popular. I wish Panini would create more sets like this where the inserts are very tough to pull. It doesn’t always have to be about the autographs.

One of the great things about Panini Basketball is the photography. Almost every card features an action shot of the player on the card. It is very similar to Score and Threads the past few seasons in football. They have a small set this year called “Bird’s Eye” which features a camera shot from well above the court and just looks awesome.

There are still some very nice autos to be had in the low-end product. One set in particular features only Hall of Fame players and rightfully so its call “Hall of Fame Signatures”. They aren’t numbered and are sticker autos but you can’t beat pulling an autograph of a Hall of Fame player. I was thrilled to hit one in my lone box of this product!

This product will always be one of the lowest priced boxes for the 2013-14 season. It is great for anybody looking to start collecting or if you have kids who like busting packs then they can easily bust these without putting too much pressure on your wallet. Even though it is a cheap box there are some nice cards that can be found in this product.

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9 Comments on “2013-14 Panini Basketball Review”

  1. Jim Pinefa

    I like the Knights of round design,and the all panini card the shine is nice…overall the base design needs some more pop to it.I wasn’t sure how to copy link, so good luck to all. Thanks for the chance to win as always great review and great giveaway.

  2. I totally agree with you above. Every product doesnt’ have to be about the hits. Just once in awhile lets not have any autos or mem in a product, or just make them extremely hard to pull, and make a sweet looking insert like above with the Knights Of The Round table a maybe one per box hit!

    As for improvements, the Knight School and Family business inserts could use some improvements in design

  3. Has there been a winner chosen yet :)

  4. Everybody has until Sunday to enter. Right now your chances are pretty good.

  5. Trevor Gaffney

    1. My favorite card from the set is: 2013-14 Preparation Insert #10 Dwyane Wade Miami Heat

    2. My idea for improvement is something unique to the set: Team logo stickers…Retro Team Logos, Cards of the NBA arenas, Mascot cards…coaches cards. Think outside the box and make it fun.

  6. Trevor G

    guess my other comment didnt get approved :(

  7. Sorry Trevor, not sure why it wasnt automatically approved when you posted it.

    Congratulations to Jim on winning the cards! I appreciate all three of you taking time to read the article and posting!

  8. Trevor G

    Congrats Jim and thanks to BustingPacks for the nice write up…and contest of course

  9. Jim Pineda (allformykids)

    Thanks for the giveaway, I received my cards they look great and the boys love receiving packages in the mail…they always call me and say dad you got a package of cards in the mail can we open them and of course I let them.Thanks again…..

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