2012-13 National Treasures Basketball Wows

July 31st, 2013

National Treasures Basketball came out today and I’ve been glued to my computer screen, watching Chris (from CardsInfinity) bust boxes live for customers. Out of two cases (six boxes,) five of the boxes easily paid for themselves.

That’s insane.

Obviously this is a small sample, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a super high-end product so heavily loaded with value. The craziest thing is, not a single logoman, 1/1 (other than the ubiquitous plates,) Kyrie, Davis, Howard, or Bryant has been pulled. In fact, not a single “top-name’ autograph has been pulled. The value is coming from the crazy patches in the RPAs and some decent rookie and veteran autos being pulled. At $600+ a box, I’m guessing they don’t all pan out, but it is still evident that there is some big money hiding in these boxes, as illustrated in the image galleries below.


The gallery above and the gallery below were provided by Panini and showcase a few of the utterly NASTY cards in 2012/13 National Treasures Basketball. I took the liberty of cropping out a handful of the nicest cards from their full galleries so it’s easier on your eyes…scroll down to the bottom of this article for those.


Cards are popping up on eBay and the big hits are commanding even bigger prices than I expected. Although football products may have a slightly higher “average” selling price for most hits, basketball has a much higher ceiling for the “BIG” hits. As we’ve discussed before, this is because basketball is collected globally and has huge followings in Europe and Asia.

A few of the bigger hits on ebay:

National Treasures Basketball


Design Thoughts:

These are probably my favorite “Gear” cards of any NT set, ever. I love the idea of including double “jersey tags” in a horizontal cards…and the fact that they chose such juicy pieces of the game-used tags makes them even sexier. The “Colossal” patch autos, like the Deng below, are GORGEOUS. Full player picture, large signing area, and big patch window. Overall a spectacular composition. Regarding the RPAs being “boxed off” for the signing area: doesn’t bother me. They look great to me. Between the juicy patches, the logomen, hot rookies, and a deep veteran checklist, this product will produce some of the most valuable cards of the year from any sport.

Every year I pick up a couple of inexpensive, lesser-known RPAs just in case the players make it big. Fortunately there are still some bargains to be had since many of the players won’t get playing time for a year or two, so they don’t have the fame of rookies like Kyrie and Davis. Here are a handful of awesome RPAs ending soon that look like they’ll end up as bargains.

Bargain RPAs:

Lavoy Allen RPA /99 (at $22.50, ending tonight 7/31)

Cory Joseph 3-color RPA /99 (at $56, ending tonight 7/31)

Tony Wroten RPA /99 (at $19.50, ends evening Aug 2)

Thomas Robinson RPA /199 (at $61, ends tonight 7/31)

Quincy Acy Sick RPA /99 (at $30, ends tonight 7/31)

Lavoy Allen RPA /99 (at $15, ends tonight 7/31)

Tyler Zeller RPA /99 (at $66, ends tonight 7/31)

National Treasures





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