2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 Box Break and Strata Discussion

January 31st, 2014

Today, January 31, is the official release date for 2014 Topps Series 1 Baseball. Although this set will include a majority of the same features it has offered in the past (rookies, inserts, autographs, commemorative relics, buy-backs, etc) this year will also feature one ridiculously awesome new “chase” card: STRATA Shadow Box Autographs. The Strata brand took the football-card hobby by storm in 2012 when it launched the coolest shadow box cards collectors had seen in….well, ever.

2012 Topps Strata Football Russell Wilson Shadow Box Auto /15

2012 Topps Strata Football Russell Wilson Shadow Box Auto /15

Topps brought Strata back for 2013 and, despite the weak rookie class, the beautiful patch autos and shadow box autos have been extremely popular among collectors.

Since the 2012 football product was released, baseball-card enthusiasts have prodded Topps to bring these cardboard-and-acetate masterpieces to their favorite sport. Topps was relatively “hush-hush” about their plans to produce Strata shadow box autographs, but the biggest surprise might be these cards’ inclusion within the flagship “Topps” baseball product. In my opinion that’s a great move…take the best card from a set and add it as a “chase card” within one of your most popular sets. This keeps their flagship product fresh and interesting and also gives hard-core collectors an opportunity to pull extremely valuable cards out of a set that isn’t really known for producing $300 hits.

Manny Machado Topps Strata Shadow Box Autograph

Manny Machado Topps Strata Shadow Box Autograph

Tony Gwyn Topps Strata Shadow Box Autograph

Tony Gwyn Topps Strata Shadow Box Autograph

The large swatch window and the gorgeous patchwork from the game-used baseball jerseys make these some of the nicest looking cards out there. Topps provided the pictures above, but I’m guessing the only way to truly appreciate the look of these cards is to examine them in person.

I know what you’re thinking: Will Yasiel Puig be included in the Strata set???? Unfortunately, the answer is “no.” However, the checklist is much deeper than I expected and even includes an additional set we have never seen before: Cut Signatures. How incredible would it be to pull a Joe Dimaggio cut signature encased within one of these beautiful shadow boxes? Honestly whoever came up with that idea should be given a pat on the back. When those cards start hitting the forums collectors will go crazy.

Here’s the full checklist for the Strata Inserts within 2014 Topps Series 1 Baseball:
Strata Signature Relics Set Checklist
25 cards. Print runs may vary, but I think most are /25

SSR-BP Buster Posey
SSR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
SSR-DP Dustin Pedroia
SSR-DPR David Price
SSR-DW David Wright
SSR-GG Gio Gonzalez
SSR-GS Giancarlo Stanton
SSR-IR Ivan Rodriguez
SSR-JB Jose Bautista
SSR-JC Jose Canseco
SSR-JF Jose Fernandez
SSR-JH Josh Hamilton
SSR-JS Jean Segura
SSR-MC Miguel Cabrera
SSR-MCA Matt Cain
SSR-MM Manny Machado
SSR-OS Ozzie Smith
SSR-PF Prince Fielder
SSR-PG Paul Goldschmidt
SSR-SM Shelby Miller
SSR-TD Travis d’Arnaud
SSR-TG Tony Gwynn
SSR-TT Troy Tulowitzki
SSR-WM Wil Myers
SSR-YD Yu Darvish

Strata Cut Signatures Set Checklist
31 cards , Serial Numbered 1/1
SCS-BF Bob Feller
SCS-BL Bob Lemon
SCS-CH Carl Hubbell
SCS-DD Don Drysdale
SCS-DS Duke Snider
SCS-EL Ernie Lombardi
SCS-EW Earl Weaver
SCS-HG Hank Greenberg
SCS-JC Joe Cronin
SCS-JD Joe DiMaggio
SCS-JD1 Joe DiMaggio
SCS-JF Jimmie Foxx
SCS-JM Johnny Mize
SCS-LD Leo Durocher
SCS-LG Lefty Gomez
SCS-MO Mel Ott
SCS-PR Pee Wee Reese
SCS-PRI Phil Rizzuto
SCS-RH Rogers Hornsby
SCS-RK Ralph Kiner
SCS-RR Red Ruffing
SCS-RR1 Red Ruffing
SCS-RS Ron Santo
SCS-SP Satchel Paige
SCS-TW Ted Williams
SCS-TW1 Ted Williams
SCS-WH Waite Hoyt
SCS-WS Warren Spahn
SCS-WS1 Warren Spahn
SCS-WST Willie Stargell

I busted a box of Series One recently, here is the HD Box Break Video:

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  1. Thanks for the review. I will be searching ebay for some of these Strata autos.

  2. I usually don’t buy baseball card’s (hockey collector) but seen the local shop got these in two weeks ago and decided to buy two $2 packs of series 1 baseball. I couldn’t believe myself when I pulled a redemption for Yu Darvish Strata Signature Relics! Now hopefully topps will be able to get this made/signed and sent out in a timely fashion…

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