2013 Topps Tier One Baseball Preview

July 9th, 2013


Tier One Baseball will arrive in just a week (July 17th,) but the glorious gallery below makes that week sound like an awful long time. This is truly one of the overall sexiest galleries I have seen in ages. As a football collector for the past many years, I am used to seeing relic-cards as throw-away junk. Inserts and parallels are more appealing to me than most memorabilia cards, unless they are autographed or game-used (which are rare in the rookie-focused football genre.) If I see a box saying two autographs and one memorabilia card per box, I think of that as a two-hit box. Leave the GU at the card shop. But not with Tier One. Maybe it’s just the difference in sports, but the relic cards in this set look like they can rival the autograph cards in terms of desirability and value.2013 Topps Tier One


  • 2 Autograph Cards:
    • 1 On the Rise Autograph And
    • A Tier One Autograph, a Crowd-Pleaser Autograph, a Dual or Triple Autograph, an Autograph Relic, or a Cut Signature
  • 1 Relic Card
  • Every 4th pack includes a bonus Relic Card
  • Every 12-count master case guarantees 1 Tier One Autograph Card
  • Every single- and dual-subject autograph card is signed DIRECTLY ON-CARD

2013 Topps Tier One Gallery


Bat-knobs from Ted Williams, All-Star logo-patches from superstars like Mike Trout, juicy patches from popular pitchers like Yu Darvish and autographed bat-knobs from Hall of Famers like Cal Ripken Jr. illustrate just how incredible some of these boxes will be. I understand these are just the “chase” cards and that most boxes won’t include a 1/1 all-star patch, but the fact that there are (seemingly) so many ways to “win” with a box drives me crazy with excitement. Topps brings back the gold-on-black design that’s become popular (if not ubiquitous) over the past few years, but they evolve that into something that feels completely new with the RED-on-black concept seen below. I can’t wait to see how the red paint-pens work on the black card stock. A simple idea but it’s one I haven’t seen before.2013 Topps Tier One Gallery 2

I am particularly impressed by the variety of designs Topps is using in this set. Although they have different structures, all the cards in this set feel like they belong. There is a strong cohesion to the aesthetics across the board and that is something many of us take for granted in sets. The Nolan Ryan triple relic above is different than the Stan Musial, and the Musial is different in structure than the horizontal relics above. Companies often get lazy and use one basic design for all the cards within a set. This makes a lot of the designs just look wrong and out of place. I appreciate that all of the cards in this gallery feel like they belong to the Tier One brand. The Hank Aaron design above is one of my favorites…ever. Floating name-plate, gradient-to-black background, and plenty of room for a bold, silver signature.


The other card that blows me away? The Rickey Henderson CLEAR REPRINT AUTOGRAPH below. What the heck is a clear autograph? I’ll let Topps explain:

Clear Reprint Autographs

  • 25 reprints of classic Topps cards like you’ve never seen them before – on clear plastic stock! Signed on-card & numbered to 25
  • NEW! Clear Reprint Autographs Over-sized Parallel An over-sized version of some of the above cards – bigger, but still clear! Signed directly on-card & numbered to 10.

2013 Topps Tier One Gallery 3

I am definitely going to pick up a couple of boxes of this at the National Convention in Chicago. At $100 a box for 2 autographs and the chance to pull amazing relic cards like those pictured above, I think it’s going to be an incredibly fun break. I’ll have to see a couple dozen box breaks before I know for sure what kind of value these boxes will bring, but I get the impression we could be looking at another 2010 Topps Supreme Football. That product came out at $75 per box and within months it was at $145 per box. People weren’t buying boxes, they were hoarding cases due to the valuable veteran, HOF, and multi-player hits. It would not surprise me if the box price on 2013 Topps Tier 1 increases dramatically after release. VIEW SELL SHEET INFO

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  1. allformykids

    Are you going to be in Chicago? Are you going to the National show? What day? That is one sick looking set of cards, I may just have to go and pick up a box or two for us.

  2. Jeff Landholt


  3. Re: Jeff

    All of the autographs pictured in the above gallery are computer-generated for the sake of previewing the product. None of them are actual “scans.”

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